Kindle-case ... Lo.lee.ta !
July 15, 2013
August 4, 2013

Kindle-case ... Lo.lee.ta !

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My head.
Kindlesize (6")
Hooks & yarn
3.0 mm
Fingering (14 wpi)
1 skein = 100 grams
The reddest

I’m Italian: sorry for my bad english !!!

Hello everybody !

I improvised this pattern for my own Kindle 6” but I think it would be useful for the owners of pads, palmtops or whatever you want to close and protect in a 50’s style bag like this !

Let’s start:

  1. You’ll first need two rectangular surfaces: start with chain stitches and make a chain that is one cm longer than the short side of your Kindle/Pad/Whatever. Then point your crochet in the second chain stitch and start the first line with single crochets. At the end of the line, turn around and make a chain stitch before you start again with the second line. Keep doing this way since the surface of the K/P/W is covered and do it again to get two.

  2. To make the triangle that will close the bag: Pick one of the rectangular surfaces and make a line of single crochet on the long side of it. The second line is: one sc, two chain st., one sc, two chain st. At the end of the line, turn and start with a sc pointing the crochet in the hole under the two chain st. and start again: two chains, one sc. This way the work will get narrower and you’ll get a triangle. The angle of this triangle will be the button-hole, so make it with five chain stitches (the botton I used was quite big, but measure it on your own …) and “cover” them pointing the crochet in the hole and making sc all around this little arch.

  3. Four rings to support the angles of the K/P/W and keep it on: make a 30 st. chain and point the crochet in the first chain to create a ring. One round with sc and the ring is ready ! Make four of them.

  4. Sewing time: first sew the four rings inside one of the big rectangles as you can see in the second picture I posted. Then sew the two rectangles along the long side. Finally sew the button outside the bag and … You got it !

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July 15, 2013
August 4, 2013
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