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Barbie et Mr Freeze
April 29 2019
May 14 2019
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Barbie et Mr Freeze
Elmi by Tanja Loumai
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
28 stitches and 40 rows = 4 inches
in Stockinette
866 yards = 1.98 skeins
(Vi)laines Relax
153 yards in stash
1.65 skeins = 721.8 yards (660.0 meters), 165 grams
(Vi)laines Relax
293 yards in stash
0.33 skeins = 144.4 yards (132.0 meters), 33 grams

It would seem that Barbie et Mr Freeze were having a wee party ;-)

General numbers from Elmi, finishing touches from Dusala, pocket logic from Coucou with Dusala edging, logic for lined hem with continuing button bands from Vaudeville.

Buttons from textilegarden

Lined hems for cuffs to be able to roll them up more easily.

Double knitted hem.

Loulou is a beanstalk with insanely long arms. While I want her to be able to grow into it, I’ll need to tweak sizes.


Casting on for size 4 years

Round out front neckline more by adding 3 sets of short rows: repeat rows 3 + 4 once, and rows 7+8 two times

Start tuck at 10.5cm from back caston edge

2 more sets of raglan rows, increasing only on front and back

Cast on one more stitch under arms for a garter stitch faux seam

Distance between buttonholes: 23 rows + 3 bh rows

Slight A-line: increases 5cm after underarm cast on, then once more after 30th rows

Start pockets at 30cm length at back
Pocket flap: 40 rows in buttonband logic, pick up 20 stitches
Pocket lining: 30 rows

6 rows after pockets before starting setup for lined hem

Double knitted hem while continuing button bands, in the logic auf Vaudeville
13 rows on 2.75mm needles, BO purlwise on WS row (the only way to BO both button bands in the respective colour in this case).


Pick up one more stitch under arms for a garter stitch faux seam

3.5cm aka 14 rows straight before first decrease
Decrease in every 8th row, 14 times

2 more rows

With CC and 2.75 mm needle pick up stitches on the inside of the knitting for lining

Knit 12 rows for lining, 11 rows outer layer, 3 needle BO


final measurements

Bust 70cm circumference
Hem 76cm circumference
Length shoulder to hem 41cm
Sleeve underarm to hem 34cm
Sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff along shoulders: 116cm
Neckline width 14cm
Sleeve circumference at separation point 24cm
Sleeve circumference at cuff 17cm
Pockets with 7.5cm
Pockets depth 8.5 cm includ. CC band
Pockets placed at 5.5 cm from button band and 27.5 cm from shoulder top
Front neckline 3cm lower than back

MC per sleeve: 27g used

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April 29 2019
May 14 2019
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