Parterre Garden Granny Square Pouch
September 3, 2019
September 16, 2019

Parterre Garden Granny Square Pouch

Project info
Granny Square Pouch by Mikaela Bates
laid flat, 7.25 inches (18.5 cms) across and down
Hooks & yarn
4.5 mm
Stylecraft Special Double Knit various colours
1 skein = 321.5 yards (294.0 meters), 100 grams
Wool Warehouse

I have loads of granny squares, so this pattern is ideal!
First pouch I am making is from a larger square, so it will make a decent sized clutch bag…hopefully.

Square I’m using for this first one is:
The Parterre Garden Granny Square
Pattern link above and here.

You can see the square when I made it as a project here.

Yarn used in square and pouch:
Stylecraft Special Double Knit in:
Fondant, Duck Egg, Empire, sherbert, White, Fuchsia Purple and Turquoise.
(Used Sherbert for all edging used in this pattern)

Square = 10.5 inches

Fantastic idea for all those spare granny squares and they look great when completed.
I would say though that instructions work best with a square the same size and stitch count.
Not really a problem though, because you can see from the pictures what is required.

Pattern alterations:
Followed the pattern, but added an extra row of SC (BLO) around opening edge.
Also made a row of sc around buttonhole chain.
Because I used a square which had quite a lot of holes in it, I had to add extra stitches at the corners.
Also oversewed around the buttonhole opening edge.

Pouch measures:
(with 2 rows of SC added around edges = laid flat, 7.25 inches across and down

This was quite a large square to begin with, but I think it worked well.

Will line the pouch before it is finished.

I have many smaller granny squares to use on this pattern, and now I’ve had an easy ruyn with a larger square, they are next on my list of pouches to make :)

16th September - Lining inserted and completed
I finally got around to adding lining to this pouch and now it’s perfect for carrying things and they won’t fall out smile

I found an offcut of material which matched the sherbert colour exactly (although it doesn’t show up the same way in my phone’s camera… ).

Lining was a little bit tricky to do… slightly_smiling_face
Because the front of the pouch goes down into a ‘v’, the front of the lining has to do that too.

I cut the lining the usual way - 2 square pieces just a little larger than the pouch laid flat.
Then, I machine sewed them together and put the lining into the bag.
Once I was sure the square lining was fitting correctly, I had to take my scissors and cut out the shape of the front of the pouch.
I also made insert cuts for the section behind the button, so that the lining would ‘give’ as it curved around.
Basically - it’s something that had to be ‘moulded’ to the pouch - turning the lining edge under to fit the shape; and lots of pinning and moving pins until it all fitted.

And that’s it - all done! smile
May add a better picture in daylight.

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September 3, 2019
September 16, 2019
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