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Swingy Linen Skirt
June 10 2016
July 20 2016
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Swingy Linen Skirt
#12 Skirt by Norah Gaughan
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Berroco NaturLin
none left in stash
10 skeins = 1150.0 yards (1051.6 meters), 500 grams
from sckristin's stash on ravelry

Adjusting the pattern Once you understand the pattern, it is relatively easy to adjust. To change the length adjust the # of purl sts in the purl sections. Every 6 row repeat makes up for 3/4 inches in length. To change the width If you are in between two sizes and want to change the width, you can do this by casting on more or less sts in the stockinette section :)

7.20. Finished the skirt with a doubled waistband. Worked 9 rows in ribbing, then 1 purl row (turning row) then 8 rows in ribbing and attached the waist band to the inside of the skirt using the sewn bind off with sewing combined (check out my youtube video on that here). Inserted a 3/4 “ wide elastic. This way the skirt sits higher and is not quite so long 24.5” long before blocking. Happy with it, but hoping to make another one some time soon following the instructions more carefully.

7.18. OMG!! I got all the way to knitting the waist band when I realized my BIG mistake: I knitted an eight row repeat instead of a six row repeat (it says to repeat rows 3-8, not 1-8). I knitted an additional 47 rounds which amounts to approximately 6 inches :(
My only excuse is that I started this when I was preoccupied with family matters. But it shows how important it is to read a pattern very carefully!
So, my project notes are incorrect. I corrected the “how to adjust the pattern” section and this is now based on a six row repeat.

With over 400 sts CO I had originally intended to knit the first two rows flat to avoid twisting the stitches, but then I did join in the round right away and was glad it was OK.

I didn’t have too many problems with the instructions or rather had a different question. Using row 1 of the eyelets in the set up row, I was not sure if I needed to repeat row one of the eyelets in row one (odd to odd and even to even rows). I did it for two repeats but didn’t like the look, so I tinked and used row 2 of the eyelets in row one of the skirt pattern. I felt validated when reading “mintyfresh’s”notes that “k2tog rows have no bias or shaping and ssk rows do all the work :)”
So far so good.
I decided on M size, but hope it is not too long.

I am a tad worried that I am missing something in the pattern as I think it is just a 4 rounds repeat, not a 8 rounds repeat as rounds 1-4 are identical to rounds 5-8.

Also figured out that for my size I need to do 23 eight row repeats plus another 4 rows to get to the 2 purls left in the purl section :) that helps to figure out the length which is just a bit longer than I would have liked, but maybe just right for a swing skirt.
I am on the third 8-row repeat and did the math to calculate the length. Knitting to gauge of 32 rows= 4inches and starting at 49 purl stitches, decreasing every 4th row to 2sts, I will have to knit 4x47 rounds=188 rounds. To gauge they translate to 23.5 inches (+ knit rows and set up rows= even longer), NOT the 20.5 inches in the schematics. I am not sure at this point if this is a mistake in the pattern, looking solely at the math it may be and looking at the 2 1/2 repeats I have knitted so far, I feel the skirt is rather large, but I am planning to keep going. I may do the decrease row every other row…
I wonder if the model in the picture is very tall as the skirt only goes just above the knees on her…

6.30. I used up three skeins so far, so I am roughly one third done :)
7.9. Used up five skeins, a little over half done :) It is starting to look like a skirt.
7.15. On the 18th pattern repeat and ready to join my last skein of yarn; yeah!
7.18. Working the last five decreases every other row rather than every fourth row thus making it 1 1/2 inches shorter. Also had to start the 10th skein today. I am glad I bought one extra skein. At this point on this day I still did not realize what I did wrong :(

About the yarn: It has a lot of irregularities and bits of wood etc, but all in all a good choice for a sturdy skirt. Just have to weave in a lot of yarn ends because of the short yardage per skein…

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June 10 2016
July 20 2016
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