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Fibonacci Study in Pink and Gray
June 12 2018
June 13 2018
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Fibonacci Study in Pink and Gray
Ammonite Potholders by Sybil R
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Lily Sugar'n Cream Solids & Denim
Lily Sugar'n Cream Solids & Denim

I needed a small project , but interesting, too, to sink my teeth in and came across this fabulous free potholder pattern :)
Couple of observations, helpful notes:
Section 4 and 5 Ridge 1 is written out twice, should just be once.
W and T: when the wrap is around C1 with C2, I only turned, I didn’t wrap. This is in each first short row of each section1-7.
Also each section starts off with the equivalent number of C2 stitches. For example section 5 has 5 C2 sts, section 6 has 6 etc. Also section 5 has 5 C2 ridges, section 6 has 6 etc. so it is really easy to keep track of where you are in the pattern.
Also by slipping the first stitch it makes it easy to pick up new stitches right between the ridges.
After section 5 I did not need to look at the pattern any more as the instructions are easy to remember. Then of course there is a change after the inner spiral is completed and there are no more increases , but you need to “connect” from section 8 on.
When connecting in C2 I connected into the ridge rather than between the ridges in order to keep the lines more clear.
My finished potholder/ hot pad came out ok, but I can see that i need to pay more attention when doing the connecting maneuver.

A very nice pattern!!

You could keep going and make a big blanket or a shawl in a lighter yarn.

Please Note:. At the end of the pattern is a link to a delicious Orange Chocolate Coffee Cake in German. Try it out if you speak the language; I most certainly will.

I shared this project on my Facebook page and this is what I said about it:
“ All I have been doing the last few days was weaving in ends, blocking, sewing in labels, making changes and alterations to some of my knitwear and I missed the feel of my needles in my hands actually knitting.
I came across this brand new pattern ( just published this month) and gave it a try.
It is a fun and easy knit and is FREE. Follow the link to get to the pattern.
The same designer has many free patterns on her blog. Check it out, you may just come across the one you have to knit up right away.

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June 12 2018
June 13 2018
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