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Angel ornaments
December 11 2014
December 18 2014
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Angel ornaments
Angel Choir Set by Cindy Polfer
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
cotton string
Mitchell's hardware store in New Bern, NC

Made a total of six over one week.
I started it while watching TV only to realize that you have to pay attention and I had to re-start a couple of times, but by the third angel I had the pattern down and didn’t need to consult the instructions.
I did stick to just one of the models ( Angel with Chevron Skirt) since they are going to different people anyway.
For the heads I used glass beads.
As I couldn’t find the tinsel pipe cleaners and the hole was not big enough to fit two strands of regular pipe cleaners through, I used copper wire for the first angel which was hard to manipulate. For the rest of the angels I used the pipe cleaner starting with the halo, then feeding it down one side of the dress, then across and up the other side to the neck; one time around the neck and then I clipped it off.
Another change I made is that I attached the wings behind the body rather than above the body.

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December 11 2014
December 18 2014
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