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Birds of a Feather
January 29 2018
July 28 2018
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Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather by Andrea Mowry
Store sample
alstickle on ravelry
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
1,259 yards
Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace
1 skein = 459.0 yards (419.7 meters), 50 grams
The Knitting Garage at Stickle's in Rhinebeck, New York
Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles
2 skeins = 800.0 yards (731.5 meters), 200 grams
The Knitting Garage at Stickle's in Rhinebeck, New York

KAL at The Knitting Garage.
Read the details here: Birds of a Feather knit along

7.26. Just two more rows, then the bind off. At this point you can really see ho ether shape shifts into a triangle ( see picture; see where my needle is?!)

7.21. Counting down the rows on my Birds of A Feather: 18 more rows, then the bind off.
I am fascinated by how the shape shifts into a triangle. Super cool pattern!!!

7.20. working on the border and finding myself short of the Mohair. I stopped section fifteen two rows sooner and placed Mohair rows in the border this way:
8 rows of Merino
2 rows of Mohair
16 rows of Merino
2 rows of Mohair
remaining rows and bond off in Merino.

7.7. Section fourteen finished.

6.23. Section thirteen finished. Just two more sections and the border.

6.9. Section Twelve- Lace Finished.
TIP: when it says “ knit to 18 sts to center, count out the 18 sts and hang a locking marker before you start the row.
Also there is an errata:

by Andrea Mowry

p. 107
Section 12, Row 13: K1, yo, k8, {k2tog} 3 times, {yo, k1} 5 times, yo, {ssk} 3 times; rpt from to 14 sts before the marker, {k2tog} 3 times, {yo, k1} 3 times, k3, sl st-k2tog-psso, rm, k6, {k2tog} 3 times, {yo, k1} 5 times, yo, {ssk} 3 times; rpt from to the last st, yo, k1.

5.30. Section Ten finished ( 3015 stitches).

5.20.: Section Nine Finished.

4.14. Section Six of the Birds of a Feather completed and Section Seven started.
Section Seven and Eight are the last two Increase Sections.
After that you keep a stitch count of 201 for the final eight sections heart_eyes

3.30. Section five finished, on to section six.
I really like how you alternate between the Merino and Mohair in this pattern; the Merino sections bring a solid grounded feeling to the more airy light Mohair blush

3.24. Section Four, Lace, finished heart_eyes

3.22. Section THREE finished. On to section FOUR and lace heart_eyes

3.16. The more I work on this, the more I like it. The colors are more vibrant in person and the knitting is very easy.

TIP : In order to avoid having to weave in a lot of yarn ends when all the knitting is done, I use two strands of yarn ( the old and the new) for the first 4 stitches after joining the yarn and again in the following right side row.

I am two thirds done on section two.
Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Keep a marker on the right side to keep track which side you are on.
  2. Just count the garter stitch ridges to know how many more repeats you need to do. In section two it is the original two rows and then 14 more repeats, so once you have 15 garter ridges on the right side, you are done with section two blushcount your stitches to double check.

3.15. Sorry for the long break I took on this ( due to surgery and then vacation), but I re-started on this this morning and finished section one in no time at all.

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January 29 2018
July 28 2018
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