Winter's Dreams
February 12, 2017
April 1, 2017

Winter's Dreams

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Caesura Tuck by Åsa Tricosa
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
1,676 yards
Artesano Alpaca Silk Lace
2 skeins = 878.0 yards (802.8 meters), 100 grams
The Good Wool Shop in Formby, Liverpool
Juniper Moon Farm Findley
1 skein = 798.0 yards (729.7 meters), 100 grams
Living Eden in Red Hook, New York

I am doubling the two yarns for a special color effect. Both yarns are a wool/ alpaca + silk blend. Should not be too hot to wear in summer, but we will see. Otherwise it will be a shell worn on cooler days even winter with a cardigan or jacket.
I started this during a snow storm and already learned a few new techniques.
First off I usually use Judy’ s magic cast on for immediately Knitting all stitches in the round ( for toe-up socks) or I use the crochet provisional cast-on if I get back to the life stitches later. Using a second circular needle is an intriguing way :). Fun and new.
Second, the way the edges are worked is different from a traditional I-cord edging, but has the same look and is more stretchy. Another new thing I learned and this is just within the first couple of hours :)
Did 8 additional repeats for a deeper neckline. In gauge 16 rows should be just a little over 2 inches of additional depth. I hope that is the right amount, because once I decided, there is no going back.
2.13. Finished the first three steps within a day. You are using just about every tool in your box (Circulars, DPN’s, Crochet Hook, Cable needle…just not a darning needle as there will be no sewing). This pattern is magic; most certainly a winding way. I am having fun with it and am already contemplating one of her other designs which uses the same technique.
Didn’t have as much time to work on this as I’d have liked, but I will start with the tuck tomorrow ( my day off).
I am getting a little worried about the neckline.
2.17.. I practiced the tuck on some scrap yarn first. I stumbled over a couple of linguistic difficulties. For example when she says “ in the front” it does not mean the front of the project, but in front of the row you are just working. One small step which I worked a bit different because it seemed less cumbersome to me was in row 1 of the tuck. I worked all 10 stitches kfb first and then distributed the first set of back sts to N2 and the second set to N3. The tuck is a lovely detail!!!
There is an errata in row 4 of the tuck. In the second to last flip it should read N2, not N3. This is so self-explanatory that it must just be a typo.
2.28. : Before doing any dramatic changes to the neckline (such as taking repeats out and then Kitchener stitch the rest together), I worked the left front and joined the right and left fronts then tried it on and the fit is perfect. The neckline comes to just below my collar bones.
3.3.. Joined in the round and tried it on. It fits fine, but I wish the “straps”. We’re wider. I hope I can fix thet when I block the top. I prefer more coverage over my shoulders and I almost didn’t pick this pattern, because I thought that the straps are more narrow than i would like… if all else fails , I may be able to pick up stitches and add a little… other than that this is coming along nicely.
I try it on and sometimes I simply hold it against a well fitting summer top; it’s looking good.
3.16.: I have to admit that the side “seams” garter stitches are a bit sloppy; a couple of times I knitted when I should have purled and vice versa, but since you really cannot tell, I decided not to let it bother me. I added the scrap yarn for where I will add the pocket. It is much like preparing for an afterthought heel in a sock :)
4.1.: Finished it this morning. I did the ribbed ending and the mini pocket. I may leave the shoulderstraps as it.

This came out super-cute; can’t wait to wear it!!

July 2019: Added capped sleeves.
Here is a link to a good tutorial on how to add set in sleeves.

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February 12, 2017
April 1, 2017
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