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Walking on sunshine
December 10 2017
January 3 2018
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Walking on sunshine
cancun boxy lace top by erin kate archer
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Fiber craft studio
DK (11 wpi)
1 skein = 220 grams
Plant dyed
Fiber Craft Studio

I purchased this plant dyed silk yarn at the 2017 NY Sheep and Wool Festival. The vendor: Fiber Craft Studio
It is a pretty indigo color ( comes off my hands a little while knitting). Unfortunately there is no indication of yardage, but looking at the sample they had done up with just one skein, I am hoping that I have enough for this top.
I was considering to knit the top more narrow, but in the end I decided to stick with the suggested number of stitches at cast on. I am weighing the yarn once in a while to see how much I am using up.
I love knitting summer things during cold Winter days….

12.17. First piece finished and 127 gram of yarn left. I made it longer.
I finished the first piece after a WS row leaving the shoulder stitches live on my cable.

12.31. Front piece finished with two extra rows across the shoulders after binding off 30 middle stitches for the neck.
I joined the shoulders with a stretchy 3-needle bind off and binding off the neck stitches on the back piece as I come across them.

1.1. Blocking and working on something else for a few days…

1.3. Both sides seamed and I picked up stitches around the arm holes ( 20 inches around; 56 sts total) and knitted four rounds in garter stitch before binding off with Jenni’s stretchy bind off. In order to get a jog-less mock garter stitch I do the same I would do for a jog-less stripe and pick up the stitch below when working the first stitch of the round, set it on the needle and knit or purl it together with the first stitch.

When I seamed the two pieces together I found some irregularities, because I had made up some sections as I went along and although the same row count I did find some differences which are luckily barely noticeable. If I do this again, I would either knit both pieces at the same time like I did with the first top I made or change some of the stitchpatterns and work it in the round.

Meant as a layering piece to wear with a tank top or sleeveless dress, I am already wearing it over long sleeves heart_eyes

6.11.: Update: After some wear, I decided to tighten the neckline. I picked up 6 stitches left and right, front and back and did a stretchy 3- needle bind off over the six stitches. Hoping that I won’t regret it, but I couldn’t stand the top falling over my shoulder.

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December 10 2017
January 3 2018
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