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Think Spring
January 25 2014
February 1 2014
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Think Spring
Culebra Simple Shawlette by Marly Bird
Strickliese on ravelry
16 x 80 inches after blocking
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Bijou Spun by Bijou Basin Ranch Lhasa Wilderness
2 skeins = 360.0 yards (329.2 meters), 112 grams

I love this yarn and finished shawl !!! :):):)

Blocking: I notice that the yarn bleeds a lot when soaked prior to blocking; something else to be aware of.
The finished size after blocking is 16 inches by 80 inches not forcing the stretch.

1.28. Thanks to MarlyBird I was aware that I may run out of yarn before finishing this (see also my notes on my blog ), so I made the following changes and still had scrap left:
Set up rows for short rows: k163, turn, k19, turn
Then I followed the instructions k2tog, k3 until I had 60 stitches left on either side of the center stitch. I k2tog, k4 until I had 30 stitches left on either side of the center stitch and k2tog, k5. I also bound off right away instead of knitting one more row and then binding off. The bind off in this pattern eats up a lot of yarn and I could have done a regular bind off if needed, but it is a pretty bind of. My changes hardly effect the overall look and made a difference to the amount of yarn used.

The pattern and yarn are a gift from Julie for my 60th. Yes, the same Julie who encouraged me to buy the turquoise Ella Rae yarn for my beeline sweater. Turquoise should be my color :)

I started this because I needed some TV knitting and had a little knitting miracle: I cast on without counting, then I thought I must have about 307 stitches. I counted and I had 308…wow :) I used the larger needle for the cast on and the first row.
The yarn feels incredibly soft in my hands and I love the color.
The pattern is nice and gives you a reversible shawl. The only thing I would change in the pattern would be to make the repeats in the written instruction match the repeats in the chart. I like to use both and don’t like it when they don’t match.

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January 25 2014
February 1 2014
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by Bijou Spun by Bijou Basin Ranch
75% Yak, 25% Rayon from Bamboo
250 yards / 76 grams

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