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Idlewild Tunic
September 2 2015
October 9 2015
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Idlewild Tunic
Idlewild by Julie Hoover
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Berroco Blackstone Tweed™
11 skeins = 1430.0 yards (1307.6 meters), 550 grams
gift from Ira

I finally started this. The yarn was a gift from Ira’s stash. I will always remember Ira for his bear hugs and his passion for knitting.
I came across this pattern last year and think it will look perfect in the yarn. I have been itching to start on this and finally cast it on. I am working both pieces at the same time as that is my preferred method for making two identical pieces. I will need to get a longer cable before starting on the sleeves.
As my gauge is a little smaller (18 sts over 4 inches on a US #7), I decided on the 4th size until I get to the waist shaping, then I will work additional decreases every 8th and every 6th row. I am also planning to make this 4” longer (to upper thigh).

A well written pattern with great attention to detail! I love the cable pattern and I am thinking to use it on a cowl if I have yarn left or leggings.

I must say that I am not too crazy about the yarn while knitting this. It feels harsh on my hands and at times I feel as if I am knitting a carpet… I am hoping that the tunic will soften after the first wash.

2 weeks in and I am starting on the underarm shaping (remember, I am making both pieces at the same time and I am making this 4” longer! :)

3 weeks in and I just cast on all stitches for the arms.
This is how I did the underarm shaping:
Every RS row for the next 11 RS rows: k1, M1R, work to last stitch M1L, k1 (22 sts increased)
Then continue with increases on every RS row, but ALSO do increases on every WS row in this way: P1, M1R (purl-wise), work to last stitch M1L (purl-wise), P1.
For a total of 10 rows (20 sts increased).
When casting on for the sleeves I used the knitted cast on method for a neater look and smoother edge for sewing later (see picture).
When it said “Inv-R, Inv-L”, I M1R and M1L as I did not know what it meant. I looked it up on youtube since and switched to the increase as written in the pattern for the second and third increases for the cuff. Here is a link I like best: lifted increases

Week 4: I have the back and front on separate needles now and will be doing the shoulder shaping/ short rows next. I will be using the German short row method: German short rows I am using the numbers for the smallest neck opening.
If ever you want to substitute German short rows for W&T this is a good video to watch: how to substitute German short rows

Finishing: Kitchener Stitch confession: This is the first time that I did not first have to look up how to do the kitchener stitch grafting. Yeah, I think I finally got it!!! Definitely a lot of practice on this project.
All of the finishing techniques are well thought through and give the piece the appearance of a seamless knit.

I am worried about the strength of the yarn as it broke TWICE during seaming!

I picked up 120 sts for the neck and did 1” on the needle 2 sizes smaller (US#5) and another 1/2” on a needle 3 sizes smaller (US#4) as I don’t like big neck openings especially on a sweater which is otherwise warm.

I love the tubular bind-off and got the perfect neckline. I was however very stressed that my yarn would break (again) during the kitchener stitch as it had before during seaming. I think the yarn weakens as it rubs against itself..I will have to watch out how it wears. BTW I made a little video on how I separated the stitches!

For the cuffs I picked up 34 stitches and did five rows on US#6 and another four rows on US#5’s., then the tubular bind off.

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September 2 2015
October 9 2015
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