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Tealeaf Sweater
January 4 2018
April 20 2018
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Tealeaf Sweater
Tealeaf Sweater by Bristol Ivy
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Worsted Twist Splash
8 skeins = 1760.0 yards (1609.3 meters), 800 grams

All in all this took about six weeks, four weeks in January and then another two and a half weeks in April.
I love lace and feel very cozy in this sweater.

9.9.: yeah; the yarn arrived. The color looks a bit different to what I thought; more grey ( on-line it looked more oatmeal, off-white sea foam…
Not sure if I will be able to keep up with the speed of the KAL as I want to finish my Elibelinde and am in the process of writing a pattern for fingerless mittens for my LYS.
RBK Fingerless Mitts.

1.4.18 Winterstorm Grayson is gripping the North-East and I am finally starting on my Tealeaf sweater.
Actually the color is really nice knitted up. It’s interesting how it looks more gray in daylight and more brownish at night.

For Christmas my thoughtful IT specialist son gave me a small box which turns the TV into an Apple TV which is great as I now can watch the Craftsy lessons on my TV blush+1::skin-tone-2

Swatches are done both in stst and the lace.
A BIG THANK YOU to Bristol Ivy for getting back to me and answering all my questions so patiently and knowledgeable.. It is nice to be the student for a change.

1.10. Got back to this after the weekend. Still deciding on #6 or #7 for the stst, but meanwhile I cast on today :)

1.11. Finished with the ribbing and started on the lace ( before heading off to work). Because I noticed pooling of the color, I re-attached the other ball of yarn and alternate every two rows.

1.16. Lace section is finished and pockets are attached, now on to the ( boring) stockinette Stitch section. I decided on US#6. To do a swatch in #6 was Bristol’s idea and I love it. The gauge by rows is not exact, but I will tweak that in the sleeves.

1.21. Finished the 9.5 inches of stockinette stitch. I am planning to watch the next lesson on Tuesday.

1.23. Finished both left and right front short rows. This is the first time for me to work Japanese short rows and I quite like it. I may incorporate in other future projects, but most likely I will stick to the Twin Stitch method for socks.

1.26. I noticed a hiccup when doing the short rows on the back. I was sloppy in counting the total number of short rows and had counted 8 repeats plus 1 original equals 9 short rows, however it was 8 repeats plus 1original plus the first repeat equals 10 short rows. So, I am one short row short and the section slopes out more in the end with 8 stitches uncorked, but I kept it consistent and did the same for both fronts and the back. I finished the back this morning with just the final row and I am going to tackle the saddle shoulders.
With interchangeable needles it’s a piece of cake to distribute the stitches ( see photo).

Shoulder saddles. I am working these on just two needles which seems a lot easier. I also slip the first stitch after the p2tog just as I slip the first stitch after my ssk. It doesn’t say that in the pattern, but I did it based on similar work I have done joining pieces together. Then I felt validated when I saw this video how to work the saddles.

Note: I am using stitch markers in the lace sections more out of habit ( as teaching tool) than necessity.
Another side note, this one about the yarn. It is a bit splitty/ soft spun and I have to be careful especially when working the lace sections with a pointy needle.

1.27. : What to do when work gets in the way of knitting ?
I got up at extra early ( 6 am) and finished the right saddle blush

1.31.: Both saddles done and both lace sections in the sleeves finished. Not sure when I will continue with this as I had a small surgery done this morning ( after knitting) on my right thumb ( see picture).


4.2. : After being in hibernation for two months! I am picking this up again on a snowy April day. I am so looking forward to be wearing this.
For the sleeve decreases I follow coco Knits tutorial for neater ssk’s: cocoknits ssk tricks

4.7. : The sleeves are done. I had to reveries lesson #2 for the ssk bind off because it had been a while…. I thought at first that the bind off is not stretchy enough as I like to pull up my sleeves, but when I tried it on it is perfectly fine. Now on to the neckband and finishing blush

4.9. : picking up the stitches was much easier than I had anticipated. I ended up with 304 which was perfect. I followed CatsNBru’s suggestion to Ktbl and ptbl in the first row by the gaps to the neckband to eliminate holes. Great idea.

4.12.: After the first lace repeat I notice do that I knitted the lace a little looser than last January. I considered to re-knit, but ended up just switching to my #4‘s Chia Goos Lace which have pointier tips an dthus give me a tighter knit. I hope the looser section show too much and I won’t regret having pushed on instead of going back.

4.17. By the time I re-watched the final lesson and was ready to bind off, I already had finished four lace repeats as per pattern. So, to get back to the WS for binding off, I knitted row one of the lace pattern. Then bound off using Jenni‘s surprisingly stretchy bind off.
I like how the bind off matches the neck band cast on line; to me it is visually very pleasing.
At times I had to redo the bind off and work the stitches one at a time instead of lifting both the YO and last stitch over the next stitch at the same time I lifted the Yo first and then the previous stitch. This is mainly due to the yarn which is a bit splitte and hard to catch all of the strands at the same time…
YEAH, all knitting is done.

I used blocking wires to open up the lace along the shoulders and arms.
When I seamed the pockets, the attached yarn ends were unfortunately not long enough and I had to use additional yarn for the seaming.

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January 4 2018
April 20 2018
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