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Sea and Sand
September 18 2016
November 1 2016
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Sea and Sand
The Doodler by Stephen West
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Anzula Sebastian
The Knitting Garage at Stickle's in Rhinebeck, New York
Noro Taiyo Sock
Living Eden in Red Hook, New York
madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
1 skein = 420.0 yards (384.0 meters)
WEBS - America's Yarn Store in Northampton, Massachusetts
welthase fingering merino light
Through Martina Behm's Strickmich Club

The idea was to use up some stash yarn :)
This looks like a perfect combination.
Originally: Color A; Welhase yarn
Color B: Noro (then changed to Mad Tosh)
Color C: Anzula

9.18.: This was supposed to be my vacation project, but I am only casting on on my last evening in NH; going back home tomorrow. The first wedge is quick to work up, and right away I see that it looks too washed out using the Noro as color B. I briefly considered to cut out only stronger contrasting sections out of my Noro yarn, but then I thought if I did that I may just as well use left overs, especially since you only work two rows in color B between the wedges.

9.19.: Passed by Webs on my way home and got the Tosh Light in Nebula for color B
9.20.: Strongly consider to flip the colors and make the Tosh Color A, the Welthase Color B. I only completed two wedges so it would be easy to re-start.
Later the same day: After a lot of deliberation and imagining the outcome of one way versus the other, I stuck with A-light color and B-darker color.

Now I am starting on this for real :)
10.9. After finishing the socks and the “Milton Shawl” store sample, I finally picked up this project again. The wedges are nice and easy to knit up and I am having fun to see it grow so quickly. The way the wedges are knit up is easy to remember, repetitive and at the same time so clever, the shaping gives it a great look. The Welthase Yarn is nice to work with; so soft!

10.16.: As much fun as I was having with the wedges, I felt I was drowning in a murky sea…For a quick fix I added the Noro after all in the last wedge (#17) “kicking it up a notch” and I feel much happier looking at it now.

Breezing along now with the cables. Hint: Instead of counting rows between cables I counted out the stitches which will be used up by the ssk (one per repeat) and put a marker :) (see picture). I also used a small circular needle instead of a cable needle as the cables got bigger and more cumbersome.

10.19.: Finished the cables this morning and grafted the I-cord edge. Now on to the arduous task of picking up stitches. But first I change my needle tips from a 32” cable to a 60” cable :)
Picking up the stitches was not hard as it is easy to see where to pick up along the I-cord.
I placed the markers (removable stitch markers) before knitting the set-up row for the first wedge: After picking up the three stitches for the i-cord, I counted out 66 sts, placed marker, 53, PM, 41, PM, 34, PM, 28, PM, 24, PM, 20, PM, 16, PM, 18 sts left (total 303 sts). It gave me more peace of mind when I actually knitted the row. In the set-up row the stitch count increased to 85,66,54,45,36,31,26,20,22 (total 388 sts).

10.20. : I knitted the very first wedge in the Noro (perhaps I should have waited to wedge 2 or 3…?). In my mind I keep visualizing water washing over the beach and feel like trying to paint the picture with my knitting…
Finished the first wedge of section 3.

10.24.: After a busy weekend which did not allow for much knitting, I finished wedge 3 and am on to wedge 4. My imagination is working overtime with visions of how I will finish my Doodler. Stephen gives three different options for the final section 4, but additionally I want to make my own doodles :) still thinking of Sea and Sand…

10.26. : Finished section 3, now on to the final section. I am thinking to go with a combination of option 2 and 3….

10.30. : Option 2, garter edge: I knitted 6 rows in color B, 2 rows in color C, 2 rows in Noro, 2 rows in color A and THEN I started on the option 3 picot bind off :) I feel like I just want to keep going :)
Scaredycat that I am, I knotted the waste yarn which holds the slipped sts. Now on to the bind off :)

10.31. : Finished the i-cord bind off. I noticed when I tried the shawl on, that the i-cord edging from section 1 is tighter than the knitting in section 3 ( and also gauge is never stitch=rows, so there are more sts, probably to accomodate for the wavy edge). Anyway, my section 3 is more ruffled/ wavy. I suppose that I could try and get it more flat when I block it, but I LIKE it this way. It makes me think of bygone ages, I am thinking of “Larkrise to Candleford”…

11.1. : I started and restarted the first picot cluster THREE times. First time round I had done the regular bind off, then watched the video and re started binding off by k2togtbl for my second attempt; still I did not have enough sts left for the last 6 BO…Watched the video again and decided that it has to be a smaller final picot for the first cluster. Here is my math: Originally I have 6 sts, pick up one in between each st equals 11 sts.
+3-6=-1 (one st short)
The same is true for all clusters which after working the RS row, have a total number of stitches which is not a multiple of 3.

Oh and BTW I added some beads (which I had on hand from my beading days); not in every stitch. I distributed them on the slipped sts in this way: 2 plain, 2 with beads, 2 plain etc always placing 2 beads in the two center sts.. looks really pretty
For the larger clusters I placed the beads and picked up the stitches first (see picture), that way the first RS row was easy peasy.

FINISHED!!!! Yeah! This was a highly enjoyable knit.

11.2. A local shop let me use their mannequin to take pictures and I started wearing it. Perhaps it doesn’t really need to be blocked :) ? Or can wait to be blocked later!

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September 18 2016
November 1 2016
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