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Salty Sheep Shawl point three
August 15 2018
October 2 2018
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Salty Sheep Shawl point three
The Drifter by Tamy Gore
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
751 yards
Baah Yarn New York
0.89 skeins = 356.0 yards (325.5 meters), 89 grams
Baah Yarn New York
0.52 skeins = 208.0 yards (190.2 meters), 52 grams
The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, North Carolina
Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus
0.75 skeins = 187.5 yards (171.5 meters), 42 grams
Jill Draper Trunk show
October 2016

The main difference in my approach is a more frequent color change including stripes in the solid sections rather than large color blocks.

I bought this as a kit after my thumb surgery to cheer myself up.
This was sold by the Salty Sheep yarnshop in Swansboro, NC for their 10 th Anniversary in the cutest little bag ( hand sewn by the owner, Peggy!).
Finally picking this up as a travel project for next month.

I placed the pretty salty sheep marker on the RS to remember when to do the cdd.

A quick word about the yarn: It is unbelievably soft; it feels like knitting with clouds…and I love the saturation of the color heart_eyes

8.25. Section one is done.

8.28. Started on section 2 and am a bit disappointed that the colors are not contrasting enough to show off the pattern. I will look in my stash and see if I can find another color which will show off better.

I picked a beautiful yarn by Jill Draper ( an acquisition I made at one of her trunk shows/ get togethers after the NY Sheep and Wool Festival). It is a dark teal color and I think it will stand out well and it has finally found its opportunity to shine blush

8.29. Finished with Section two. It’s looking good.
Tamy Gore , the designer of this pattern, was super nice and sent me the 3 color version of this pattern since I only had the hard copy of the 2- color version. I will still have to tweak it to make sure the sections with the slipped stitches stand out more.

8.30. I am not so sure about the additional stripes I introduced. I did it because I want to use the dark teal ( North Atlantic) yarn sparingly as I am not sure that I have enough using it in every slipped stitch section either as CC or MC. It may look too busy, but I forge on hoping that in the end in context with everything else it looks just right.

9.1. Got up at 4 am and finished section four before sunrise; it pays off to be a knitter with occasional insomnia.

9.2. Finished section five. At this rate the shawl will be finished before I even go on my trip. And in anticipation of that I already bought some sock yarn to work on socks for Tony , the most appreciative knitted socks receiver.

9.4. Finished with section six and I am thinking I should just work the last section after I get back. I am leaving in two days and have work and packing to do….smirk
Although admittedly I am a little obsessed with this shawl.

Hibernating from September 4 to September 25.

9.25. Picked this up again after getting back from my trip, but I don’t seem to be getting into it quite the same. I was on a roll before leaving, now I just want to get it finished.

10.2. Binding off with Picot bind off. Did a bit of freestyle in the end and like it, especially the narrow stripe of white for sheep sheep or the foam on the ocean waves ocean

I am very pleased with the end result even though it means that I have now four shawls in similar color combinations; it just means those are my favorite colors.

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August 15 2018
October 2 2018
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