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You Complement Me
April 8 2017
June 25 2017
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You Complement Me
Tom and Ethel by Nigel Pottle
Tony and me for our Anniversary
L and S
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
880 yards = 4 skeins
HiKoo® by skacel CoBaSi
2 skeins = 440.0 yards (402.3 meters), 100 grams
HiKoo® by skacel CoBaSi
2 skeins = 440.0 yards (402.3 meters), 100 grams
The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop in Saugerties, New York

When I saw this pattern, I was much enticed by it and thought these would make a nice Anniverary gift. I am making blue with brown stripes for my husband and brown with blue stripes for me.

A little tricky doing 2-at-a-time in two colors. I have to be careful not to get my four balls all twisted, but as long as I keep two balls on either side of me and don’t move from the couch I am good. Once the socks have grown a little bigger I will stick the balls of color A in the socks while working with color B and vice versa.
Humble beginnings, but I can see how it will look like and am loving it.
When I pick up the socks, I knit at least one stripe ( 3 rows), so it is going at a good speed even when I don’t work on it for a few days.
May 30th:. One pair done; one more to do, but my pair does not really have to be ready by our Anniversary, so I am OK to focus on some other projects.

For the second pair of socks ( my socks) I made it simpler by increasing to 60 sts total; 30 for the instep and 30 for the top of the foot. Then I simply kept knitting inpattern without additional increases until I reached the desired length and on a row 2 in MC I knitted the FLK heel. After that it was elementary to continue to desired length, knit the cuff and bind off. Luckily I have a short and narrow foot.

Tony’s socks: 15 CC stripes in foot and 15 CC stripes in leg.
My socks: 12 CC stripes in foot and 12 CC stripes in leg.

After both pairs were finished I had 22g of the brown and 17 g of the blue left.

To mimic the edge of the first CC stripe after the toe, I only knit two rounds in the final stripe, then I switch to the MC and knit one row, then I start the ribbing in k1, p1, making sure that the knit stitches sit above the elongated stitches of the same color.

June 25th: Finished my pair in time for our Anniversary on Saturday. I am super happy with my socks. They fit perfectly and look SO CUTE!

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April 8 2017
June 25 2017
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by HiKoo® by skacel
55% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 16% Rayon from Bamboo, 8% Silk
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