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TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: Candy Cane Ornament
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December 19 2017
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TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: Candy Cane Ornament
Reference, Advent Pin Loom WAL
about 3" x 4"
DecorativeHanging Ornament
Tools and equipment
Original TURTLE Loom™ Hexagon Pin Loom
12 yards = 0.06 skeins
Berroco Ultra® Wool
0.05 skeins = 10.0 yards (9.1 meters)
Berroco Ultra® Wool
0.01 skeins = 2.0 yards (1.8 meters)

Here’s a more traditional interpretation of a candy cane, but walking through the holiday isle at the grocery store and seeing all the colors, flavors, sizes, … be creative!

Additional Materials:

  • small amount of stuffing
  • 1/8” wide red ribbon for bow and hanger
  • 2 small bells

How to make it:

  • Weave two 4” hexagons … Weave the first, bias part in white, then alternate white and red as shown in the picture. (Note: You will use about 3 wraps of white and 3 wraps of red for weaving the second part.) End with one row in white.
  • Match the two hexagons, then sew them together along 2 hexagon sides as shown, starting at one “striped” side.
  • Open and fold as shown to form an “L” shape, then sew along all sides, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  • At the tips, sew through each second arch and pull in to form the rounded ends.
  • Stuff lightly before closing completely.
  • Weave an end of yarn through the seam of one of the “L” legs and pull in to shape the round handle of the cane.
  • The candy cane will have “all stripes” on one side, and a white area on the other side. Use that white area for embellishments.
  • Add a hanger to the top of the cane.


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December 19 2017
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