TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: It's a Scarf! It's a Cowl!
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December 25, 2017

TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: It's a Scarf! It's a Cowl!

Project info
Neck / TorsoScarf
Neck / TorsoCowl
scarf size about 48" x 8.5"
Tools and equipment
Original TURTLE Loom™ Hexagon Pin Loom
Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted
Please see Notes regarding which kit to choose.
The Knitting Cup in Georgetown, Texas

21 scrumptious colors of 100% Fine Highland Wool, 21 mini hanks of approx. 12 yards each! Heaven just got a little closer. And the worsted weight makes it perfect for weaving on the TURTLE looms.

This project is suited for beginners as well as for experts who are looking for a relaxing pastime activity. Each mini hank is enough to weave two hexagons. The hanks wind easily into balls, even without a ball winder.

You will weave 21 colors x 2 hexagons for a total of 42 hexagons.

For the scarf, randomly lay out your hexagons “3 in a row”, 14 rows high. If you like a longer, smaller scarf, you can also do “2 in a row” for 21 rows.

You can see on the photo that each next row is slightly offset. The layout will look slanted, but the “trick” is that the scarf’s final direction in length will follow that slant, on the bias. That will give the scarf a nice drape, it will feel snugly, and look interestingly.

Lay the hexagons all in the same direction to create an even fabric: Have all “starting ends” point up- or downwards, and all “ending ends” point to the left or the right.

Sew hexagons to hexagons within a row first (the sides where you were weaving the traditional weaving method will match). Then sew the rows to the rows (the little slanted edges will match up nicely, and stitching through every other slant pair with an overhand stitch will be sufficient).

I finished the scarf with a good Soak bath and let it air dry. The fabric is stunningly soft, and the colors are uniquely vibrant and distinct.

I had a difficult time deciding whether I want a scarf, a scarf with fringes, or a cowl. Here is a solution to make them all, interchangeably.


  • If you’d like to make just the cowl or a scarf without fringes, get the BLUE SKY FIBERS “21 Color Slouch” kit.
  • If you’d like to make fringes/tassels, get the BLUE SKY FIBERS “21 Color Mitts” kit. That comes with a full size hank of grey which is enough to weave the two hexagons and make the fringes/tassels.

You will also need:

  • (14) 14mm Lobster Clasps (Jewelry Shoppe 1425628)
  • (14) 9mm Heavy Gauge Jump Rings (Jewelry Shoppe 1216639)

Key to the solution are those little lobster clasps that you can find for jewelry making. Sewn to each tip and joint of the scarf ends, they will connect to round up the scarf into a cowl.

At the same time, you can make fringes or tassels, put them on jump rings, and attach those to the lobster clasps to make a fringed scarf.

Here’s a video that shows how to do it:

It’s a Scarf! It’s a Cowl! --- “Finishing Thoughts”

Yes, this method will work for other scarf/cowls, too!

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December 25, 2017
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