TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: Soap Sachet and Lavender Puffs
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September 19, 2018

TURTLE Hexagon Pin Loom: Soap Sachet and Lavender Puffs

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puff about 4"; sachet 5" x 6"
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TURTLE Loom™ "fine sett" Hexagon Pin Loom
Paintbox Yarns Socks

Here is an easy to make, versatile gift idea:
Make a little sachet to hold either a nice piece of soap or up to three “lavender puffs”. Use the sachet for storage, decoration, or as soap sachet that will provide a gentle, relaxing, soapy scrub. If you are a sock knitter and have enough leftover yarn to make 6 hexagons, you can make a great matching sock storage sachet that serves as ‘gift wrap’, too!
Lavender puffs are made of two woven hexagons, filled with stuffing and some dried lavender in the center.
Put a lavender puff into your pocket, under your pillow, into your suitcase, or a dresser drawer.


  • TURTLE Loom™ ‘fine sett“
  • Sachet: About 50 yards of fingering/sock weight yarn
  • Lavender Puff: About 16 yards of fingering/sock weight yarn for each puff. Small amount of stuffing. About 1 table spoon of dry lavender (health store) for each puff.

You will also need:

  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

Use the photos as guidance.

  • Weave 6 hexagons
  • (Make 2): Sew three hexagons together to form a row.
  • Sew the two hexagon rows together as shown.
  • Sew the sides together to form a tube.
  • At one end of the tube, have the tips of the hexagons touch, that will be the center of the bottom. Close the three openings to form the bottom.
  • At the top of the sachet, fold the tips of the three hexagons over and sew about half way along the flaps to secure the flaps and form the casing for the cord.
  • Use the crochet hook that comes with your weaving kit to crochet a cord of about 70 chain stitches.
  • Pull the cord through the casing and knot the ends.


  • Weave 2 hexagons
  • Sew them together along 5 sides, leaving the last side open for stuffing.
  • Take a small amount of stuffing and put 1 tbl spoon of lavender in the center. Wrap the stuffing around the lavender so that the lavender is surrounded by stuffing.
  • Insert the stuffing into the hexagon pouch and close the last side.
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September 19, 2018
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