Weave & Stitch Along -- Charity Project Purses
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July 2, 2018

Weave & Stitch Along -- Charity Project Purses

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BagPurse / Handbag
Reference; fun; Stitches of Love
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Original TURTLE Loom™ Hexagon Pin Loom
TexaTURTLE™ Hexagon Pin Loom
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Sweetheart Small

This project is a collection of purse suggestions for the “Charity Project” in Week 5 of our Weave & Stitch Along.

Look for more ideas here on Ravelry (for example, some of Cindy’s projects) or on the “Stitches of Love” blog.

Little Hexagon Purse

  • Weave two 6” hexagons.
  • Crochet around four sides as shown, then crochet a shoulder strap (hold the yarn double and crochet about 90 chain stitches).
  • Attach the shoulder strap end to the purse.
  • Fold in the tip of one hexagon to the inside and sew through the tip to the outside of the purse and sew on the button (this will strengthen the button). This will be the purse front.
  • Sew the buttonhole motif with the buttonhole facing down onto the outside of the other hexagon tip (flap).

Little Square Bag

  • Weave eight 4” squares.
  • Layout the squares 2 side-by-side, 4 rows up. Sew them together.
  • Fold in half.
  • Starting from the bottom fold, crochet 2 sides together.
  • Next, crochet around the top opening.
  • Now double the yarn and crochet about 90 chain stitches for the shoulder strap.
  • Rejoin the bag at the top of the other side, then crochet down that side.
  • Sew the buttonhole motif centered unto one side as shown.
  • Sew on the button, using a small button on the inside as “counter”, so that the fabric will not puck.
  • Weave a little heart and add as small surprise pocket to the front.

Little Crocheted Messenger Bag
(Use worsted weight yarn, any “fun” color or color combination. Crochet tightly; I used hook size G)

  • Chain 32. Turn.
  • DC (double crochet) into the back loop of the third chain, then dc into the back loop of each of the following chain sts (30 dc). Working the back loops only will make nice edges at both ends. Chain 2. Turn.
  • Dc in first and all following sts. Chain 2. Turn. (30 dc).
  • Repeat the last row until you reach a total of 32 rows.
  • Bind off.
  • Weave in ends.

Decorated Little Canvas Purse
I bought a 11” x 8.5” purse and attached a buttonhole motif and sewed on a button. You could also just sew some woven motifs (without buttonhole) onto the bag.

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July 2, 2018
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