Country Kitchen Towels
March 2020
May 2020

Country Kitchen Towels

Project info
Tools and equipment
Megado 16 shaft
24 epi
Maurice Brassard et Fils Inc. 8/2 Unmercerized Cotton

I wound a 10 yard warp 4 years ago just before we moved and I lost the project notes. So I reworked the project and modified a draft from Handweaving .net. I end up using the threading from one draft and the tie up from a second and then played with the treadlings until I got this happy version.

The warp is a dull cream beige and so didn’t lend itself to may colours but it did work well with more muted shades. It reminded me of an old country kitchen.

I used these colours for weft (all 8/s cotton): plum, a muted grape, soft Kakhi green, moss green, a soft peach, a cinnamon.

My compu-dobby died mid project so there was a delay waiting for the new one. Later during the finishing process my 20 year old serger died. This warp was getting pretty expensive! (My husband also decided to have a medical crisis in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of the warp too! flushed )

I wove 7 full sized towels and then decided to use the balance of the warp to weave a table runner instead. So please see project “Bamboo Table Runner” for that portion of the project.

Despite my delays, I found it very rewarding to have a long warp on and I could weave away when I had time. You have to love the kitchen tea towel for being a practical full sized sample. smile

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March 2020
May 2020
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by Maurice Brassard et Fils Inc.
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100% Cotton
1680 yards / 227 grams

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