Rose Snowflakes
February 2020
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Rose Snowflakes

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snowflake twill
Tools and equipment
Spring 12 shaft
24 epi
8/2 rose fiber yarn

Snowflake twill and I are old friends. I can weave this pattern in my sleep! I decided to pair rose fiber yarn in a tender pale pink with undyed tencel as snowflake twill can be visually a bit ‘busy’. It turned out perfectly as I hoped!

Beautiful drape, soft as butter…. and a hint of colour.

The second scarf: I went with 20/2 silk hand dyed by Tabi at Sericin (on Etsy) in a colour way she calls ‘candy’. Its pink with a hint of mauve. I used less than 50 grams as weft on the brighter scarf.

For those of you new to rose fiber yarn: Its 8/2 (well, the cone I have is) and I believe the pink is added during manufacturing to the cellulose pulp. It has a nice twist and evenly plied. It behaved well during beaming and took tension on the loom well. No broken ends or frayed floating selvedges. I wove the scarves to approx 74-75 inches and after wet finishing and pressing, they measured 69 and 71 inches. The shrinkage was greater than I was expecting. The final width is 8 inches.

For those of you wondering, no, there is no rose smell! blush
I liked this yarn but its biggest obstacle to greater distribution is that its expensive…. but hopefully that will come down as its more commonly available.

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February 2020
March 2020
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