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March 1 2010
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Bifocal (Anamorphic) by Woolly Thoughts
66" (168 cm) diameter
Needles & yarn

We have been playing with Anamorph Me! again. This is a program which will turn a normal picture into an anamorphic design. An anamorphic design is one which shows the ‘correct’ picture only when it is seen in a particular way. In this case it should be viewed in a cylindrical mirror.

We took the drawing for Double Base and used it as the input for the program. (Double Base is a representation of binary numbers).

Our previous anamorphic design was a full circle. The disadvantage of that is that you cannot see it all at once so, this time, we opted for a semi-circle.

The semi-circle can be used as a very small afghan or as a shawl. The pattern includes instructions for making it as a full circle.

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March 1 2010
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