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Counting Pane
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Counting Pane
Counting Pane by Woolly Thoughts
125 cm square (50")
Needles & yarn

I always say that if the house burnt down and I could save only one afghan it would be this. This is the one we are most proud of, partly because the original was bought by the London Science Museum for the Mathematics Collection.

Counting Pane was made before we started writing and selling afghan patterns. It was made for my classroom but, after being exhibited at a couple of maths conferences, it became very popular. Other people wanted copies but the time involved made that impossible so we wrote the pattern so they could make their own. It has since been featured in many publications around the world.

We use ours as a wall-hanging but it is equally suitable as a blanket with a subliminal message.

It is a ‘100 square’. The squares across the top row represent the numbers 1 -10, the second row 11 - 20, and so on. The colours show which numbers, from 1 - 10, divide into the numbers represented by the squares. Each colour shows a different multiplication table. There are 10 colours that must be distinctly different from each other, plus a contrast colour for the lines between the squares.

I used DK yarns throughout. It is knitted in 10 strips which then have to be joined together.

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  • Project created: December 8, 2013
  • Finished: December 8, 2013
  • Updated: April 23, 2016