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Rainbow Squiggles
July 10 2018
July 12 2018
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Rainbow Squiggles
Squiggly Things by Woolly Thoughts
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)

I have become addicted to making squiggly things. They are very tactile and once you pick them up you just can’t stop twisting them or put them down.

These are made with seven rounds in the seven colours of the rainbow. I made the one the red outer edge first but it is always difficult to photograph red so I decided to also make the reverse version.

Individually they can be twisted into all sorts of interesting shapes but you can also put the two together and manipulate them in even more ways.

I am not making any more!

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July 10 2018
July 12 2018
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  • Project created: July 17, 2018
  • Updated: July 17, 2018