Elephant's pants
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July 20, 2017
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Elephant's pants

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Everyday Shawl by Andrea Mowry
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
The wifey, if I can bear to let it go
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
24 stitches = 4 inches
madelinetosh Twist Light
1680 yards in stash
jimmy beans

12/27/17 Dug this out to check on button size needed (30 count 15 mm or 5/8”). It has a hole in it! Right in the middle! It looks like something just cut right through the yarn. It’s only in one place and I caught it before I lost any stitches, so that’s good. I think I will be able to repair it.

9/16/17 I finally bound off yesterday. It’s amazing how much work interferes with my knitting time! I used maybe half of the fourth skein (will weigh later to get accurate yardage). I altered the final buttonhole row a bit to get the holes to line up more closely with the chevron points. I used the k2tog tbl bindoff for an edge with give but no flaring. I used russian joins throughout so there are only 2 ends to weave in, but I will need to find and sew on buttons (both of which might take some time). I also want to give it a good solid wet block to make it drapier (totally a word) and ease some of the stockinette curl on the edges. It looks awesome so far!

8/27/17 Started the fourth skein.

8/26/17 I’m nearing the end of the third skein. I’m thinking there will be a decent amount of the fourth one leftover. I’ve just started the chevron border.

7/29/17 I started the second ball of yarn today. The first one came to about 15.5-16” long and around 27-28” wide, so I should be fine for yarn. The stockinette is, of course, boring but at least it’s going quickly!

7/28/17 This is coming along nicely. I’m done with the chevron border on the end and am cruising through the sea of stockinette. It works well for knitting on the Paris metro as I don’t have to pay much attention. I’m still in love with the color. I’d like it to have a touch more drape, so I’ll see if I can open it up a bit with blocking.

7/23/17 Despite being on vacation with family in Paris, I’ve had a good bit of knitting time. I’ve gotten through 2.5 repeats of the chevron pattern so far. I like how it’s turning out, but I don’t like how I still get little gaps sometimes when switching bath and forth between k and p sts. I’ve been trying to be conscientious about keeping the yarn taut, but I guess it’s not enough. Some of it will even out with blocking, I suppose, and I doubt it will be very noticeable in the finished product.

7/22/17 I swatched and cast on yesterday. I swatched with US6s first, since I tend to be a snug knitter. I only got 5sts/1”, though, so went down a size. I plan to purl with a US4 after the chevron section as I was rowing out a bit on my swatch. I would be fine with a looser fabric but I only have 30 yards to spare, so want to stay close to the pattern. If needed, I’m thinking I can reduce the amount of stockinette in the middle to save yarn. I’ll block it out a little to get good drape. I’m loving the color so far!

Speaking of color, my phone doesn’t seem to want to accurately capture it. It’s a bright, clear sky blue with a touch more yellow to it than the pics show. The pic with the four unwound skeins at the bottom is probably the closest.

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In progress
July 20, 2017
work in progress
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