Baby Face Hugger
July 28, 2014
August 3, 2014

Baby Face Hugger

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alien face hugger by Meghan Munro
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
122 yards
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Nautical
none left in stash
0.2 skeins = 121.6 yards (111.2 meters), 68 grams
Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton!
86 yards in stash
0.02 skeins = 3.6 yards (3.3 meters), 2 grams
Hobby Lobby

I got confused on the short rows, so I added some notes to the pattern to help me remember where I was going…then I decided I wanted paired decreases on the top of the carapace so I added some more notes.

--Short row section will end with a WS row. 48 sts

--After short rows complete, turn work (ready to resume knitting in the round), work k3tog, p6, _k3tog_ k to end of round (I am adding mirrored decreases). 44 sts

Resume knitting in round for Top of Carapace instructions (My mods underscored)

start decreasing top carapace:
-knit 3, k2tog, knit to reverse garter section, purl that section, _k2, k2tog_ knit to end of row _42 sts_

-knit 6, p3tog, p3tog, knit to end of row _38 sts_

-k2, k2tog, k1, k2tog, ssp, p2tog, _k2tog,k1, k2tog_ k2, k2tog rep ** to end of row _30 sts_

-_k5_, p2, k to end of row _30 sts_

-k1, k2tog, k1, p2tog,k2tog, k1,k2tog rep ** to end of row _20 sts_

-k3,p1, k to end of row _20 sts_

-k2tog repeat ** to end _10 sts_

-graft last _10_ sts tog using kitchener stitch

I also shortened the tail by working one plain section between decrease sections after first decrease round.

Last mod: shortened legs (to reduce choking hazard) by knitting only two sections.

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July 28, 2014
August 3, 2014
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