May 18, 2011
July 7, 2011


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23-44 Tawashi by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)
Hooks & yarn

I keep making these so instead of having 7+ different projects, I’m just going to keep adding them to this one (most recent pictures first). These are so addictive and I love them!

18 May
Oops, the first one was much too small… 8cm compared to the pattern’s 13cm. It’s probably because I was in potholder mode and grabbed a G-hook. Plus, I tend to crochet tight under the best circumstances.

Next up: a larger one with an H-hook and starting with ch25+1 and 28 rows.

19 May
Ah yes, ch25 +1 with 28 rows = much closer to size. Right on the 13cm, in fact. I could probably work on my closing technique for the sides a bit - a loose running stitch works but still requires some additional help to fully close the hole (for me, at least). Working on getting the close smoother isn’t a big deal though because these are addictive - I’ll have plenty of practice because I want to make more (and use up some yarn in my stash)!

27 May
Am I a big giant idiot for not having realized that, if you turn the tube inside-out then slip stitch the two ends together, you can barely tell where the join is?

29 May
Went on vacation without a yarn needle so I had to wait until I was back to finish off the last puff, this one a cotton face puff. I’m going to call this project done!

30 Jun
Reopening this project because I want to make another, larger puff for the shower. Because I adore the little cotton one I’ve been using for my face.

Made one puff and I think I want to make another one that’s even a bit bigger.

And a second one is made so now I have three different sizes! Yay!

7 Jul
And reopening this project again because these things are addictive! I felt icky today so I watched some TV and crocheted another two tawashi, this time for my kitchen. (I definitely like the cotton ones more than the acrylic - they seem to wear prettier.)

8 Jul
Made three more. I’m going to have to start adopting them out.

I must remember: the proper ratio for adjustment = base chain * 1.12 = total rows. (18ch = 20 rows, 25ch = 28rows, 30ch = 34 rows)

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May 18, 2011
July 7, 2011
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