Anti-Kitty Force Field
January 3, 2014
January 15, 2014

Anti-Kitty Force Field

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Sternblüten by Christine Duchrow
My knitting bowl
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
J&P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen
1 ball = 230.0 yards (210.3 meters)

Using some random cotton thread from my stash. It seems thinner than size 10 but isn’t as thin as my size 20, so… No clue what it really is.

03 Jan
Using a new set of KP carbon fiber DPNs. Not a fan. The metal tips create a seam that sometimes catches the thread. Urg. Also, how can something so small be so unpointy? It’s hard to even ktbl.

06 Jan
Gave up on the KP DPNs and switched to my KAs (yes, the bamboo is actually pointier). I had to join two cables so that does hang the stitches up a bit but it still manages to be massively less annoying than the join on the DPNs. On Rnd 60.

09 Jan
Through Rnd 76. Sometimes this is rather thinky but it’s going well. I do have to count after the completion of each repeat to make sure I got all the stitches correct. It keeps me from having to do more than tink back just a handful of stitches.

13 Jan
I’ve finished with the main doily but I’ve run out of thread! NOOO! I have something in my yarn cabinet that is similar enough that I think it will be okay since I just have to do the crochet edging.

14 Jan
I’m adding a couple more crochet rounds with beads to increase the size (and weight) of this. On the last round of beading… taking forever.

15 Jan
Beads are (finally) all on! Now: blocking. The change in threads wasn’t noticeable until it got wet. Now it looks drastically different. And apparently I missed two beads on the final round. Oops.

16 Jan
All dry! The difference between the two threads isn’t as noticeable as when wet, but it is still more obvious than I anticipated. Fortunately, since the new thread (which shows up whiter) is only on the crocheted, beaded edging, it looks intentional - and actually quite nice, I think.

I used a total of 41g of 6/0 seed bead and 42g of thread. The edging and beading were done with a size 9 (1.4mm) crochet hook. Final measurements after a hardcore blocking put this doily right at 17.5” across. Love it!

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January 3, 2014
January 15, 2014
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Thread, size 10
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