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Flying Scraps
February 17 2016
April 29 2016
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Flying Scraps
Flying Geese by Lacey Volk
68 sts
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
441 yards
Ella Rae Lace Merino
97 yards in stash
0.03 skeins = 13.8 yards (12.6 meters), 3 grams
The Bead Place in Fairview Heights, Illinois
December 26, 2013
GnomeAcres House Gnome
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Lazy Cat Yarn Endurance
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DFW Fiber Fest
March 22, 2015
a thing for string Sock
none left in stash
0.03 skeins = 13.5 yards (12.3 meters), 3 grams
DFW Fiber Fest
April 6, 2013

17 Feb
I am worried this project is doomed. I spent like an hour and a half trying to get a decent cast on. WTF. Finally ended up with the Family Treasure cast on and that went well but I’m now worried that I should have decreased my needle size. I normally do 64 sts on US1s. I knew I could not do 60 sts without going up to US1.5s, which I didn’t want to do, but for some reason I didn’t think of going down to a US0 when I decided to cast on 68 sts. Sigh.

18 Feb
THIS PATTERN IS REALLY HARD. Okay, it’s not like impossible but I kept messing up the stitch counts on 9” circs, so I’ve switched to DPNs and finally got the first level of triangles done. I’m not sure if I should go to the next set of triangles, start the second sock, or just bask in the glory of having finished one level.

23 Feb
I cannot figure out why you need to move the stitches around on the needles. I’ve managed to do one whole triangle layer without changing the stitch count on my needles (17 sts per DPN) and it’s fine, I just pretend I’ve already slipped the very first stitch on the MC triangle and don’t have the left-most MC stitch on the CC triangle. Seriously, am I doing this wrong or is this step seriously not necessary because the stitch count thing was why I kept getting so confused when trying this on 9” circs.

Also, based on my gauge, I’m gonna need 4 CC triangles on the foot, so I’m going to do the same number of CC triangles on the leg so these aren’t too short feeling. I hope I have enough purple!

22 Mar
I AM STILL WORKING ON THESE. I’m kind of hating them. I mean, the design it pretty ingenious but I have to pay such close attention I can’t even watch tv without screwing up a triangle. THIS IS NOT MINDLESS KNITTING or anything remotely close to it. My husband keeps telling me that if I dislike working on them so, I should frog them but that feels too much like defeat. (And honestly, I don’t hate working on them so much as hate how often I screw up because I don’t count every single stitch when I pretty much have to.)

23 Apr
I have finished the mother fracking triangles! The foot part was much much easier than the leg so I was able to finish it relatively quickly (like a week or so). I also stopped sewing in my ends after each level which sped things up. Now, toes and afterthought heels. And weave in the rest of the ends. Yuck.

25 Apr
Toe and heel of one sock done and it fits great! I’m a little saddened by the sheer number of ends to sew in though. Yikes!

29 Apr
Done! It took me two days to weave in the remaining ends but I finally just put on a movie and went at it. While I think this pattern is quite ingenious in its technique and I’m gonna wear the heck out of these because they look super-awesome, I will never make this pattern again. It’s torture.

Family Treasure cast on
2 rows, join in the round. (Rnd marked and counted.) 1/1 rib for 15 rounds.
Sl1, p1 around
Knit as pattern.

Knit one plain round
Decrease ever other round until 44 stitches remain.
Knit plain round.
Decrease every round until 20 stitches remain.
Graft closed.

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February 17 2016
April 29 2016
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