Birthday Gloves
February 4, 2012
March 4, 2012

Birthday Gloves

Project info
Gloves for Service Men by American Red Cross
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
218 yards
Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids
31 yards in stash
0.8 skeins = 174.4 yards (159.5 meters), 80 grams
WEBS - America's Yarn Store in Northampton, Massachusetts
November 9, 2011
See Jayne Knit Merino Felting Worsted (Non-Superwash)
11 yards in stash
0.2 skeins = 44.0 yards (40.2 meters), 20 grams
See Jayne Knit Yarns
November 19, 2011

Pattern calls for 1”=6sts (or 4”=24sts) for a 5” across hand (10” around) with 54sts around the palm. (54sts = CO56 +2(inc) -7(thumb gusset) +3CO.)

Using US4, I get 4”=22sts (or 1”=5.5sts). The husband has a 4” across hand (8.25” around). With this gauge and size, I need about 46sts around the palm to fit the husband. (5.5stsx8.25”=45.375).

So I need to scale the pattern down by 0.84 (based on sts around for size: 45.375/54=0.8402…).

Which means….(original pattern x0.84)
CO 56 = 47.0
Hand 54 = 45.4
Thumb 15 = 12.6
1st Finger 16 = 13.4
2nd Finger 14 = 11.8
3rd Finger 14 = 11.8
4th Finger 10 = 8.4
Thumb start 7 = 5.9
… taking into consideration that the ribbing has to be in a multiple of four and rounding to get full stitch sizes and fitting the size of the husband’s fingers…

CO 48. 2/2 rib for 2"
2sts (50sts)
Thumb start = P1, K4, P1
to 14sts (P1, K12, P1)
gusset increases on rounds 10, 16 and 22.
CO 3 for hand. (47sts)
1st finger: 13 + CO3 = 16sts
2nd finger: 12 + CO2, pick up 3 = 17sts
3rd finger: 12 + CO2, pick up 3 and decrease twice on second round = 15sts
4th finger: 10 + pick up 4 = 14sts
Thumb: 14 + pick up 4 and decrease twice on second round = 16sts

Trying this new-to-me stretchy cast on.

I greatly like knitting two at a time to make sure the gauge is the same but the first few rounds are always confusing for me until the pattern is established. To get around that, this time I CO the first glove, did a few rounds, moved it to a stitch holder, CO the second one and worked a few rounds, then put the first glove back on the needles to do two at once.

10 Feb
Split off for the thumb as directed by the pattern (it was just right for the husband) but I’m going to not do a full 13 rounds for the rest of the palm. I don’t want the fingers to start all on the same row since this means there will be a lot of webbing/space in the pinky area and even the ring finger. So after 6 rounds, I split off the pinky (and CO 2). Will continue around and then check back as to when to drop off for the third finger.

Turns out that the last three fingers (first three?) can split from the palm at the same time. Yay for easy!

02 Mar
I had to put these down for a bit. Sickness and the death of a pet have made this project a bit too complex. But I’m able to think again so here we go! I’ve got the all but the ring finger and thumb done. I’m fitting this to the husband’s finger length but, since I’m doing two at a time, I’m not counting how many rounds for each finger.

I think I prefer picking up extra stitches between the fingers and decreasing on the second round of the finger to get to the needed number. Fewer gaps.

4 Mar
And done! Just in time for the one month anniversary of my husband’s birthday. :) My parents have already requested pairs for themselves and I love these so much I want to make some for me, too!

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February 4, 2012
March 4, 2012
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