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Turkish Bed Socks by Kit Hutchin
Feet / LegsSocksAnkle
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Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering
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The Bead Place in Fairview Heights, Illinois
July 24, 2011

I prefer not to have multiple projects unfinished at once, but I realized after blocking pieces of my bag, I will have a lot of finishing to do. While I am still waiting for the buttons to arrive on my sweater so I can finish it. With two unfinished (and not immediately to be finished) projects hanging around, what’s starting one more? At least this won’t make more finishing than a bit of sewing and weaving in ends.

All done! Just have to finish weaving in the ends! I added an extra half inch to the foot length since my feet are closer to 10” than 8”. I had 10g of yarn left over so I totally could have added a bit more (initially I was thinking of adding 1” but worried about running out of yarn) but they still fit just fine. Cute cute!

Even more done now! Everything is sewn in and they just need blocking! These are amazingly easy and quick - I would totally do these if I needed a “quick” gift!

The weather has turned cold and rainy. It’s taking forever for these to dry! I think they are wetter now than when I first squeezed the water out of them!

13 Dec 31
Holes! There are holes coming up! Good thing I have leftover yarn because there will be some darning in my future. Oh yes.

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March 30, 2013
April 3, 2013
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