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Norway by Alice Starmore
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I made this sweater many years ago when I first discovered Alice Starmore’s work and was fascinated with steeks and knitting in the round. I used the only yarns available at the moment which probably wasn’t the best choice since one of the yarns was scratchy and itchy, and shed a lot.
I changed the pattern a bit and made a totally different collar but almost didn’t wear this sweater because it was itchy and scratchy. Yet, now, after all these years and several washes (last one in Eucalan with some hair conditioner), the sweater felted a bit, stopped itching and shedding, and can be worn in cold weather instead of a coat (it is that warm!).
Since the time this sweater was made I became kind of disappointed with steeks and prefer more form fitting and less shapeless clothes. Yet, I decided to keep this one because I am not likely to make anything like this again and I’ve seen this particular pattern used by famous designers lately (!).
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