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Slouchy by Mari Lynn Patrick
46 3/4
Needles & yarn
24 stitches and 35 rows = 4 inches
ColourMart Super Fine Geelong 3/14NM Fingering Wt
ColourMart Super fine geelong

I made this cardigan on a whim because it looked like the yarn and the pattern would be a perfect match. And I think it turned out to be true.
The cardigan is oversized (slouchy!), with side pockets, lowered shoulders, and many short rows at the front that make the front shorter than back. Keep in mind that my row gauge was different from the pattern row gauge, and I followed the pattern row by row. I am 5’2” for reference. Calculate you row gauge carefully if you don’t want this cardigan to be too short at front.
I didn’t make any changes to the back.

The left front was knit 3 times. The first time I didn’t knit enough rows for the pocket, the second time I didn’t get the right amount of stitches after all increases and short rows were made, the third time I still didn’t get the right amount of stitches but decided to go on because 1 or 2 sts less don’t make much difference, right?
To avoid these mistakes, before I started making the right front, I printed out the pattern and numbered all the rows. The whole pattern is explained row by row which got me really confused at some point. With all rows numbered and two row counters (one - for the short rows, one - for the buttonholes), I finished the right front in no time (but also was missing a stitch at the end).

I didn’t cut the yarn when finishing both fronts but continued in pattern for 30 more rows and then broke the yarn and put all stitches on holders. At the end, I sew them together using kitchener stitch and just sew it to the back neck without any exposed crochet trim recommended in the pattern.

The button bands are knit at the same time as the fronts. I made some changes to make them sturdier and less stretchy.
On the left
the wrong side: slide the first st purlwise, slide 1 st knitwise, continue with ribbing
the right side: knit all stitches as they present (…purl, knit at the end)
On the right
the wrong side: slide the st before the last knitwise, slide the last stitch purlwise
the right side: knit, purl…
All ribbing was done “through the back loop”

The explanations for the sleeves caps and the schematics of the pattern don’t match. You won’t be able to make the caps as drawn by using the directions. Here is what I did to make both sleeves fit into the armholes.
Begin cap shaping with BO 4 sts in 2 rows.
Next 2 rows (knit and purl side) - decrease 1 st at the beginning
Next 18 rows - BO 2 sts at the beginning of every row.
Next 7 rows - BO 3 sts at the beginning of every row.
BO 4 sts in every row till you get 8 sts. BO all sts at once.

For an even slant and to avoid the “stair-step” effect, I was knitting/purling together the last two sts of a row, and then decrease one st on the next row using SSK (or SSP in the purl row).
It made the sleeve caps look better and easier to sew into the armholes.

Blogged here.

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