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Full lace, two-color Vrishti
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June 5 2019
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Full lace, two-color Vrishti
Vrishti by Lime Scented
Needles & yarn
MadTosh Sock
a fellow Raveler
Sheep Uy Colors Sock
1 skein = 438.0 yards (400.5 meters), 100 grams

I got this yarn back in November, just as we moved to a new state. I was super-excited for my first MadTosh knitting project, after hearing for years about how lovely it was to work.

And then they fucked up majorly, and have continually refused to address racism in the knitting community. By their actions, they are not only condoning but Fully Supporting that racism.

I do not support MadTosh. I will not be working with any of their yarns in the future.

I also cannot afford to give this yarn away, so I’m going to use it up on this one project because I’m really excited about the modifications I want to make. The back will also be done in the same lace pattern. The edging and underarm gussets (the Coolest Idea) will be done in the contrasting purple. Hopefully it works out!

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In progress
June 5 2019
work in progress
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by Sheep Uy Colors
100% Merino
438 yards / 100 grams

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