Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Loves Polly Plum Winter Blanket
January 24, 2016
January 21, 2018

Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Loves Polly Plum Winter Blanket

Project info
Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket by Emma Aldous
82-84" square
Hooks & yarn
5.0 mm (H)
7,564 yards
Red Heart Super Saver Solids Jumbo
none left in stash
3.61 skeins = 2682.9 yards (2453.2 meters), 1428 grams
316 Soft White
Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! Solids
1385 yards in stash
3.16 skeins = 713.6 yards (652.5 meters), 623 grams
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Hobby Lobby
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
1664 yards in stash
7.21 skeins = 1225.7 yards (1120.8 meters), 721 grams
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Loops & Threads Impeccable
2012 yards in stash
3.49 skeins = 935.9 yards (855.8 meters), 447 grams
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Loops & Threads Impeccable
1005 yards in stash
5.5 skeins = 1474.0 yards (1347.8 meters), 704 grams
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Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)
1289 yards in stash
1.46 skeins = 532.1 yards (486.6 meters), 289 grams

I know I bought too much yarn, but I might not follow color changes exactly, so wanted to make sure I’d have enough of each color. :) I can use leftovers for pillows.

Part 1 - Squares
I finally made a decision on which squares to use. Since I’d already done 2 sets of Circles of the Sun (and I loved the patterns!), thought I’d try some of Polly Plum’s patterns that I’ve been looking for a good excuse to try. :)

2016-07-23 Finished the 1st Tristan and Maude squares, with slight modifications to make them work around the center (part 2-5). Very happy with how they turned out. They haven’t been blocked yet and don’t look like they will need a hard blocking! :)

2016-07-29: Finished the 1st Ilsa and June squares with the same type of modifications as Tristan and Maude. One more square to decide on, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Rick. :)

2016-08-12: Finally decided on Rick as the last square pattern for this blanket with the same type of modifications as the other blocks. I had more trouble getting colors selected for each round than I did the block. Finally happy with the colors and LOVE the block and pattern!! :)

Next I’ll make 3 more of each of the 5 blocks, and there will be 2 of each block with teal as the “ribbon” and 2 of each with taupe as the “ribbon”. (I’m calling the last round of color under the soft white stitches the ribbon).

2017-03-13 Finally got back to this and have made the 2nd Rick. :)

2017-03-27 Have finished all the Ricks and Junes and need to make 1 more Ilsa and the 3 each of Maude and Tristan. Lots of ends to weave and am starting on those too. :)

2017-04-07 All the blocks are finished, just have ends to do on 3.

2017-04-11 Finally started blocking! First 4 are being blocked. This may take a few days.

2017-04-19 All squares are blocked and just took a photo of the layout I think I’m going to use. Can’t wait to start joining!!
I have project pages for each of these squares with colors by round listed.

Dandelion Mandala colors used (finished 2/9/16 25”):
Taupe: 1,2,4,7,14,19,21,25,29,34,37
Teal: 3,6,10,16,20,23,26,28,33,36,40
Glacier: 5,9,13,17,22,24,27,31,35
Soft White: 8,11,15,30,39
Soft Taupe: 12,18,32,38

With Sophie to Square Up (finished 2/14/16 28”)
Colors used in Sophie Rounds (using Sophie #s):
Rnd 26: Taupe
Rnd 27: Soft white
Rnd 28: Taupe
Rnd 29: Glacier
Rnd 30: Teal
Rnd 31: Soft Taupe
Rnd 32: Soft White
Rnd 33: Glacier
Rnd 34: Taupe

With Dandelion Border added (finished 2/22/16 39”)
Colors used in Dandelion Border (using those round #s):
Soft Taupe: 9,13,23
Taupe: 11,21,24
Soft White: 10,16,22
Teal: 12,15,18,20,
Glacier: 14,17,19

Colors used in Part 5 (using part 5 round #s):
Soft Taupe: 30
Taupe: 32
Soft White: 26,29, 31,33,35,36
Teal: 25,28,34
Glacier: 27

Part 6

Colors used in Part 6 and followed by stitch counts in () as they are different than the pattern because I used larger blocks:
Rnd 1: Soft White (217)
Rnd 2: Soft White (219)
Rnd 3: Soft Taupe (221)
Rnd 4: Soft Taupe (223)
Rnd 5 (leaves): Teal
Rnd 6 (roses): Soft White (27 roses)
Rnd 7: Soft Taupe
Rnd 8: Soft Taupe
Rnd 9 (leaves): Taupe
Rnd 10 (roses): Glacier (28 roses)
Rnd 11: White (237)
Rnd 12: Soft Taupe (239)
Rnd 13: Taupe (241)
Rnd 14: Soft White
Rnd 15: Glacier
Rnd 16: Teal
Rnd 17: White

Decided to repeat part 5, or at least part of it and then some kind of border. Just not sure what to use for a border yet. blush
Colors… using part 5 round numbers:
Rnd 25: Soft Taupe
Rnd 26: Soft White
Rnd 27: Taupe
Rnd 28: Glacier
Rnd 29: Soft White
Rnd 30: Teal
Rnd 31: Soft White

Decided to do through round 31 of the repeat of part 5 and then do a final border similar to the border I did around the squares.
Colors and notes for final border using new round numbers:
Rnd 1: Teal
Did HDC in BLO and 3rd loop, (hdc, ch2, hdc) in corners
Rnd 2: Soft White
Round of BPHDC (hdc, ch1, hdc) in corners
Rnd 3: Soft White
Round of sc in 3rd loop, (sc, ch1, sc) in 3rd loop
of ch1 corner of rnd 2
Rnd 4: Taupe
Round of DC in BLO and 3rd loop, (dc, ch2, dc) in
Rnd 5: Soft White
Round of (sc (BLO) in next stitch, TR (treble) in
FLO of rnd 3, skip stitch on rnd 4) around, sc in
next stitch. (Sc, ch1, Sc) in corner ch2 sp).
Rnd 6: Soft White
Rnd of HDC in BLO, (HDC, ch2, HDC) in corner
ch1 sp.
Rnd 7: Teal
HDC in 3rd loop, (HDC, ch2, HDC) in
Rnd 8: Soft White
BPSC, (sc, ch1, sc) in corners

This project will be done soon…so excited! :)

It’s finally done!! blush I’m so happy! It’s too late to get pictures tonight, but I’ll get a few taken in the next couple of days.
1/25/18 - Finally got pictures!! I’m sooo happy with this afghan! Elapsed time was 2 years, but not nearly that much spent stitching…LOTS of other projects and other personal stuff kept me from working on this full time.

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January 24, 2016
January 21, 2018
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