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Post-Rhinebeck 2018
Calligraphy Cardigan by Norah Gaughan
Me, of course
3rd size
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
20 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches
in Stockinette
Harrisville Designs nightshades
325 yards in stash
4.7 skeins = 1175.0 yards (1074.4 meters), 470 grams
Harrisville Designs, Inc. in Harrisville, New Hampshire
October 19, 2018

Ordered the yarn at Rhinebeck and saw both the Mason Dixon ladies and Norah Gaughan herself at the book signing, so 3 Rhinebeck connections = 1 new sweater.

Gauge after blocking with a 4 mm needle is 20 stitches, which is the pattern gauge. With a 4.5 mm needle, gauge is 18. Using the 4 mm needle.

pics taken when I still needed 3 more buttons. Now acquired and installed!


  • long sleeves
  • add cable motif (part at least) to sleeves.
  • add bust darts. 3.5 inches. Turn at 40 then 42 etc. to 50. 12 extra rows.
  • add waist shaping. 3 decreases 8 rows apart; knit 8 rows; increase 7 times, 8 rows apart.
  • add length

Sleeves: pick up 16 including 2 gap stitches. After 15 rows, decrease 2. Decrease every 15 2 times total (60 stitches, then every 12th row 2 times (56 stitches) then every 10th row 4 times (48 stitches) then start cable pattern.

Cuff- start after after decreasing to 48 stitches, plus one extra row. I used the middle 27 stitches of both my sleeve, and the chart. Started at row 37 of the pattern with 2 purls outside the cable and worked down to row 6 of the chart. Not adding stitches for cables as I want the decrease. Note that you are working the pattern in reverse, as you are knitting top-to-bottom and it is easiest to just focus on the cables that form the oval and see if they are heading towards the center, or back out. Because I was keeping just a couple of purls outside the cables, when the chart called for a decrease, I didn’t do it, but just filled in the rest of the 27 stitches with stockinette, outside of my pattern, and the 2 purls on each side.

Button Bands: I hate it when you are given a number to pick up. I often make my sweaters longer, so I’d rather have a suggestion, such as 3 stitches for every 4 rows, with a multiple of 4 + 2, or whatever. I measured the length on the schematic for my size and divided it by the number of stitches I was to pick up. 5 stitches/inch. I picked up 2/3 on the stockinette portion and tried to keep the same on the cable.

50 grams left out of 5 skeins.

- by the time I did 48 rows of the chart plus 20 short rows and increase row, I’m at 70 rows. 4 more then time to split for sleeves.

Notes about the Yarn

  • much denser fabric on 4 mm than 4.5 mm, but it blocks out nicely and is soft.
  • lots of VM and white bits included
  • breaks and pulls apart easily. Seems to be sturdy once knit up but I was surprised at how fragile this was. My 4th skein broke into 6 balls when I was winding it. It then broke twice while I was knitting the buttonband. The other skeins were find during the winding period, but I did have a couple of other random breaks, without particularly pulling the yarn.

After swatching for another allover cabled sweater I decided I like this yarn better in stockinette vs. reverse stockinette. Plus, big cables are better as the yarn is more rustic, and not smooth.

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November 27 2018
December 24 2018
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