Sockhead Slouch Hat
October 30, 2019
November 10, 2019

Sockhead Slouch Hat

Project info
Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure
HatBeanie, Toque
Large (152 stitch cast on)
Needles & yarn
Schachenmayr Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett 4-fädig / 4-ply
165 yards in stash
0.64 skeins = 293.8 yards (268.6 meters), 64 grams
Wool-Tyme in Ottawa, Ontario
October 30, 2019

Cast on #1: came up about six stitches short with the tail.

Cast on #2: Ended up with 12 extra stitches by the end of the first round.

Cast on #3: used stitch markers to mark every 30 stitches in the cast on. SO MUCH BETTER. Somewhere around the third round knitted 50 stitches with the tail. Tinked all 50 then realized I had twisted my stitches and was knitting a mobius strip.

Cast on #4: I can’t even remember what went wrong.

Cast on #5: HOW DID I TWIST MY STITCHES AGAIN? Luckily, I noticed just after I started round 3 and thanks to sloppy joins I was able to twist it back out over the start of the round.

Black may have been a poor choice for a first project with sock yarn and circular needles. So! Many! Tiny! Stitches!


So. many. tiny black stitches, around and around and around. Probably the most boring thing I’ve knit so far, and the progress feels slower because the yarn is so fine. Also vaguely annoyed that my stitches are still so uneven, especially in the ribbing - the black really shows it off, too.


Finished! Love this project, but did not love this yarn. Scratchy, and every tiny bit of lint and hair sticks to it.

I somehow got lost in the decrease rounds. Lesson learned - the pattern provides the stitch count where you are supposed to be for a reason. Turned out okay though.

New skills for this project: circular needles and switching to DPNs (was proud of myself for figuring out at the last minute I could knit onto them rather than just slip the stitches from the circular.) Also the most stitches I’ve worked with in a project - also learned to use stitch markers to keep track of more than just the beginning of the round.

Next time, consider 144 stitches to cast on. For this one I did the 10 cm of ribbing per the pattern but then only about 15 cm of stockinette before I started the decreases. Was still plenty slouchy with brim unfolded, or fits more like a watch cap with brim folded double.

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October 30, 2019
November 10, 2019
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75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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