Icarus Aflame
March 28, 2009
June 22, 2009

Icarus Aflame

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Icarus Shawl by Miriam L. Felton
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace
WEBS - America's Yarn Store in Northampton, Massachusetts

This project may possibly make me blind. I suspect more markers will help.

Later, well into the 3rd repeat: for some reason I had a really hard time knitting the beginning of this. Then after the setup, I got used to it nad it all got much easier. Markers do help a lot, as always though I think even without them this pattern would be easy to follow. For some reason I keep omitting YOs but in each section I keep an eye on the number of sts left and correct the missing YOs as I go (I think what mostly happens is that I miss a YO, find the mistake 2 rows later on the next knit row, and in correcting it forget about adding the next YO. Sigh.)

5/10/09: I’m in the last repeat of chart 1; I think I will just continue to row 34, omitting one repeat. Since I wanted the shawl to look airier, I’m using size 5 needles instead of sz 3, but it doesn’t really make a visible difference.

6/12: Will this shawl ever end? I’m done row 8 of the fourth chart; 15 rows and the finishing (four rows and a bind-off) to go. Even though I omitted one pattern repeat, those rows take a looong time when you’re up to 400 sts or so.

6/22: Finally, done! Now I just have to block it. (First I have to figure out where to buy more pins around here.) I have to remember to take before and after-blocking photos, too.

After blocking I brought it to work - my husband was away and I had to show it to someone. It made me very happy when one coworker said, “That looks like feathers!”

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March 28, 2009
June 22, 2009
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