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leap of faith
March 6 2017
March 21 2017
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leap of faith
Barn Sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
leftover fingering weight scraps, held double

… in which some ‘nice’ odds and ends of fingering weight yarn, destined to be some sort of striped blanket, get reassigned as a cardigan, possibly:probably influenced by Stephen West/Andrea Mowry patterns with their marled colours (though this will be extremely tame in comparison to SW!).

I’ve arranged the colours in a sort of sliding scale from pale to dark (cream/beige/grey through to blue/purple/black) and I’m doubling it all up. This pattern is perfect for what I want: reverse stocking stitch body (which makes for enhanced marling), buttons, with a buttonband built in as you knit, and most importantly, POCKETS!

It is, however, a leap of faith with all these odds and ends… I’ve done a lot of juggling about with small yardages, working out the colour sequences and making sure I’ve got enough for similar sequences for the sleeves: think I’ve just about managed it (NB: most joins I’ve been able to splice, so there will only be a few ends to weave in)

Yarn used (that I can identify):
unlabelled Shetland wool
Eden Cottage Yarns (the majority)
Posh Yarn
Tabby Cat Fibre Arts
Cygnet 4-ply
Juno Fibre Arts
Walk Collection
Artist’s Palette
Drops (Flora)

Mods: extra inch in raglan depth; slightly longer in the body; sleeves in the round, knitted inside out (ie reverse st st purl is the WS); cuffs on a 4.5mm needle.

18.3: steaming ahead with this as I’ve had a post-Edinburgh Yarn Fest cold/headache (no doubt caused by total over-excitement) and haven’t felt up to much else. Actually feel like I’ve been competing in a head-banging competition…

20.3: waiting for it to dry now, sew on the buttons, stitch the pocket linings (buttons are from Textile Garden, my new obsession, discovered at EYF). I can’t quite believe that I’ve got this FO from dozens of scraps of yarn (I should really have taken a photo at the start). It certainly didn’t have terribly auspicious beginnings, but it’s turned out… actually… rather… wonderfully…

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March 6 2017
March 21 2017
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