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Holderness shawl
November 16 2017
November 19 2017
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Holderness shawl
Coastal Walk by Joji Locatelli
19" x 65"
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Black Isle Yarns Cross-breed Blend
2 skeins = 516.2 yards (472.0 meters), 200 grams

I had thought of using this yarn for some mitts, but I decided that a shawl would show it off its beauty most perfectly, and make use of the yardage most appropriately. Rustic, yet very soft, it’s a wonderful mix of cross-breed fibres, hand-dyed in the palest of aqua shades.

19.11: blocking today. There’s not a chance I can block this to 80” wide, but I have deepened the piece as much as poss to 19”. I find that sometimes blocking shawls is more a sense of how the fabric/yarn responds… how it ‘feels’ on the blocking board, what shape is seems to take. I’ve also had to block the cast on tab area quite hard to even it out, as this was quite prominent (as others have mentioned).

Pattern: very straightforward with both charted and written instructions. No mods, other than I picked up the short row wraps on the garter border… force of habit! I knitted until I ran out of yarn, perhaps another row or two than the pattern states.

Anyway, Joji says this is a quick knit and it certainly is! I’ve knitted on this like a whirling devish every time I’ve sat down for 2 secs. I love this asymmetric shape and the wavy lace pattern especially: and the yarn… well, I absolutely want a pullover in this when the money tree starts to bear fruit wink so beautiful, almost like handspun…heart

Photos a bit iffy in the murky light… and I’m wearing triple denim astonished

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November 16 2017
November 19 2017
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by Black Isle Yarns
34% Lincoln, 33% Cheviot, 15% Hampshire Down, 15% Bluefaced Leicester
258 yards / 100 grams
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