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Scrap Yarn Granny Stripes
June 16 2011
June 24 2011
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Scrap Yarn Granny Stripes
Granny Stripes by Lucy of Attic24
34" wide
Hooks & yarn

6/24 - Finished! It’s about 34 inches square. LOVE this but I had to stop short because I ran out of scrap yarn and didn’t want to buy more. I think eventually I’ll make another of these but full sized and not lapghan-sized. :)

6/22 - About half way done. LOVE THIS!!

6/21 - I started this a few days ago but don’t remember the exact date. I’m using up all the odd leftover balls of yarn that I have to make this into a lapghan for the car or for sitting on the couch. The colors are primarily blues and greens but because I’m using scrap yarn there are other colors there too. I’m loving how it looks so far!

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June 16 2011
June 24 2011
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  • Project created: June 21, 2011
  • Finished: June 27, 2011
  • Updated: July 21, 2011