Christmas Surprise 3!
December 6, 2012
February 10, 2013

Christmas Surprise 3!

Project info
Ranger by Jared Flood
42 3/4" OR 108.6 cm ;P
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 4 - 3.5 mm
1,980 yards = 9 skeins
Cascade Yarns ® 220 Superwash
none left in stash
7 skeins = 1540.0 yards (1408.2 meters), 700 grams
WEBS - America's Yarn Store in Northampton, Massachusetts
September 29, 2012
Cascade Yarns ® 220 Superwash
none left in stash
2 skeins = 440.0 yards (402.3 meters), 200 grams
January 1, 2012

Washed 23 st per 4”
Unwashed 26 st per 4”
Multiply unwashed count by .885 to get washed count

Washed 40 st per 4”
Unwashed 44 st per 4”
Multiply unwashed count by 0.91 to get washed count

I swatched on 4 and 4.5 mm needles. I like the fabric of the 4 a lot more than the 4.5s. I’m getting 23 sts per 4” on the 4 mms and a nicer looking fabric. The 4.5 mms knit a looser fabric and starts looking kind of lacy (bleh).

I hand washed then measured my swatch AND machine washed & dried then measured my swatch again. After drying for both methods, I get the same gauge. (I didn’t aggressively block for the hand wash, just kinda laid my swatch out flat) Note that I did get some colour bleed in the wash, I washed in HOT water with Orvus paste when I washed by hand.

I know I want to knit the 42 3/4” chest to fit Landon’s 37 1/2” measurements with wearing/design ease.

I will follow the pattern as per the 42 3/4” size but will be changing my stitch count using this tool. Which is awesome! Click to view.

If I were to just ‘knit a larger size’ I still won’t get the size I need in critical areas like the cuff (largest size starts with 52st, but I need 60!).

I really do like this yarn! I just didn’t realize the weight when I purchased it. It seems to be listed as worsted everywhere, but it’s more like a DK. I guess it’s time to start paying more attention to the ball-band knit gauge as opposed to the weight label.

I started knitting the sleeves. I knit the cuffs on 3.5 mm and switched to 4 mm when directed. I misinterpreted the first increase. What I assumed was just a definition on how to knit the increase row. This ‘definition’ also wants you to make the increase just then. To be a bit clearer I would word the pattern as “… work 7 rounds even THEN AN INCREASE ROW AS DEFINED BELOW”.

Then the definition block makes a ton more sense instead of just assuming they want you to work the increase rounds as listed below the definition.

Sleeves have been done for a while now, they’re sitting to the side waiting for me to knit the bottom portion of the cardigan. I’ve got about 12 inches done, just a FEW MORE THEN SHORT ROWS, WOOT WOOT.

This part of the knitting is a bit boring. No shaping, no anything, just straight ranger pattern. Not a bad thing, in fact it’s great to do at work! Tee hee.

Sleeves have been joined, working the yoke now. It’s getting HEAVY AND CUMBERSOME AND IT MAKES MY LAP ALL HOT :( Boo hoo. But I’m seeing the end! Hehehe

Bound off body, fit looks good. While working the top half of the yoke I FINALLY figured out why my saddle stitch/raglan join rows look different from pattern, it’s because the first stitch before and after the column of 5 MUST be slipped. Do not purl to keep the pattern, then work the 5 stitches. It finally makes sense to me that yes, you will have 2 slipped stitches in a row.

Now I could frog back to correct the entire thing, but frankly, I don’t give that much of a hoot. I really do want to knit this pattern again in a yarn with proper gauge, so I’ll just make a note for next time.

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December 6, 2012
February 10, 2013
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