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December 23 2017
January 2 2018
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Legwarmers by Annie Hauber
Needles & yarn
US 1½ - 2.5 mm

Набор 80 петель, 43 ряда резинки 1х1, потом 7 полных раппортов, дальше до изнаночной полосы и одну полосу резинки 4х4. Закрыть Лениным способом.

Связано хеликсом из остатков носочной пряжи.

Long-tail caston 80 sts, 43 rows in ribbing 1x1, 7 full repeats of the pattern, and then one ribbing stripe, one purl stripe and one ribbing.
Knit using helix technique with scraps of various sock yarns.

The legwarmers look really ruffly when laid out flat. I’ve worn them with leggings. They are quite heavy because of the texture of the fabric, so they tend to weigh themselves down = work more repeats of the ruffles than you think you’d need, they will get squished together and the legwarmers will be shorter than expected.

Also, because of the ruffles, they are very, very warm. Not that i’m complaining.

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December 23 2017
January 2 2018
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