May 19, 2012
September 9, 2012


Project info
Girasole by Jared Flood
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
1,915 yards = 4.12 skeins
Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool
none left in stash
4 skeins = 1860.0 yards (1700.8 meters), 908 grams
Michaels in Ontario
December 26, 2011
Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool
5 yards in stash
0.12 skeins = 55.8 yards (51.0 meters), 27 grams
February 8, 2012

Final Size: roughly 84”/220 cm in diameter.

  • Used the techknitter CO, video here.
  • The edging sounded a bit confusing when I first read it, but once you do it, it is very easy and memorizable. For the double YO: k1, p1 in the first part and then the k1 in the second. Compared to the rest of the blanket, the edging did not take that long for me.
  • Used four whole skeins and only 27g of a fifth one.
  • Have been lazier and lazier with lace blocking lately and didn’t pin this one at all: Soaked it, ran it through the spin cycle, hung it out on a clothes rack in the setting sun, spread it on the bedroom floor, and walked around on it a few times. Edging is floppy and looks unblocked, but center is very lacey and came out a good size.

This took me months. Note to self, when doing a big project in the summer, try to make sure it isn’t the hottest summer on record! This was a good knit, but I found Hemlock Ring Blanket much more soothing than this one.

Yarn: I wanted to knit Eco 8014 with this. I really love the Eco wool, but due to the price hike and my own financial circumstances, I could not afford to make this project with that yarn. Come last Boxing Day, the Fishermen’s Wool was on sale (and I also had a coupon) making the price of it about a third of what the Eco would have been. Even though I wanted to do this originally in the Oatmeal, there was only the other colours available.

The Fishermen’s Wool is a fine affordable yarn, but it has a lot of knots. I think I averaged 2-3 per skein. Sometimes, I would get lazy and not cut them out, but usually I’d cut and felt together again.

Project Diary

09/09/2012: Finished!!! Now, I need to find a sunny time to block it.
05/09/2012: 124g of fourth skein left before start of edging.
28/08/2012: Joined fourth skein in last rounds of first rep of Chart G. Now onto second rep.
24/08/2012: Have made error in first row of Chart G so everything is shifted one to the right. I didn’t realize this error until like two rounds later. I forgot the lifeline again, but I don’t think anyone would notice it unless I pointed it out. Unless this is just how it is suppose to look? I don’t know.
18/08/2012: Chart F. I just read the edge instructions clearly and I didn’t expect it. Ha. Almost there…
13/08/2012: Joined third skein at round six of Chart E, second time.
08/08/2012: Round three of Chart E, first time. Oh goodness, I’ll be lucky if I finish this before the end of August. >_<
27/07/2012: Finished Chart D as I watched opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
21/07/2012: Second skein joined on row 19 of Chart D. My Lifeline went loose so I have to be careful. I did one major noticeable mistake in this chart, but so far, it looks very pretty. It’s not as fun as Hemlock because I like feather and fan more, but this will look very good when finished.
16/07/2012: Haven’t touched this in a week due to weather and busy schedule. Miss it. I knew this would be a long knit but weather please cool down.
09/07/2012: Chart D now, but I just had to unknit almost an entire row. Slow going this blanket.
06/07/2012: I am still on Chart C. Almost done. It is taking longer because it is hot and I am working full-time again. No Ravelympics this year as I try to finish this summer.
26/06/2012: Yay I am going to work on this again since I finished Paris. I wish I had enough foresight to remember Ravelympics. In any case, I’ll do socks for that.

If this is anything like Hemlock, I will be in love…

I think I have enough yarn on 6.5mm, I noticed it took anywhere from 2.5 skeins to 4.5 for others on the same needle.

Pattern bought 15/11/09 but I probably won’t knit this for awhile… just waiting for the right time.

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May 19, 2012
September 9, 2012
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