DROPS Wedding Blanket
April 21, 2016
August 9, 2016

DROPS Wedding Blanket

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124-20 Heart's Desire by DROPS design
my brother
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US 8 - 5.0 mm
1,818 yards = 22.18 skeins
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
759 yards in stash
2.75 skeins = 225.5 yards (206.2 meters), 137 grams
die Strickerin
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
168 yards in stash
4.95 skeins = 405.9 yards (371.2 meters), 247 grams
die Strickerin
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
267 yards in stash
3.75 skeins = 307.5 yards (281.2 meters), 187 grams
die Strickerin
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
103 yards in stash
4.75 skeins = 389.5 yards (356.2 meters), 237 grams
die Strickerin
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
2 yards in stash
5.98 skeins = 490.4 yards (448.4 meters), 299 grams


I’m making this in the same style as a lady on the Norwegian Facebook group Strikkesida.

First I was stumbling a bit over the set up instruktions for M1. As I find it easier when I can visualise, I’ve added the numbers for the increase and decrease rows to the chart as seen in my project photo.

In my search for clarification I came across the excellent project notes for green1tree’s blanket, and I decided to follow her lead, not the least when I get to the border. However, I did the “invisible” provisional cast on, as described by KinittingHelp here, instead of the crochet one.

I’ll see if this is also the time that I’ll finally learn to cable without an extra needle. This blogg post from KisForKnitting about using a ring instead popped up today, as through a sign of synchronicity …


The lady mentioned above changed the cabled square when she cabled without helping needle but I only remembered having noted that after I thought my square looked a bit weird … I’ll see if I try it differently when I get to the next M1 …

Modification: For the left-leaning decrease, I used ssk instead of (sl 1, k1, psso) based on what I read here


After the four rows were sown together, I knitted the border in the round. The top and bottom stiches were of course still live, and along the edges I picked up a stitch in each ridge, increasing to about 198 stitches along the sides on the first row. I figured this would be about two thirds of the 300 rows that the 5 squares made up.

As described by green1tree, I continued with one Kfb on each side of the corner stitch, that I knit all the way through. After three garter ridges I couldn’t bare purling anymore though, and decided to do four rounds of stockinette, finishing of with a crocheted bind-off. The bind-off was great, but the stockinette edge might not have been the wisest choice. Even though it looks good flat, it’s (of course) a bit prone to curling. Either way, I’m happy enough with the result and had fun with this wedding gift =)

I had gone way on the safe side when ordering yarn for this project, and would say, 1 skein of Nepal per square, exept for the cabled ones where you could count 1.5, and 3 for the border will keep you more than covered 8)

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April 21, 2016
August 9, 2016
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