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1898 Hats mult. sizes
February 19 2015
February 21 2015
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1898 Hats mult. sizes
1898 Hat by Kristine Byrnes
14" circumf.
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Red Heart Super Saver Solids

I’m removing the notes for this. Sorry, but I don’t have the time to spend supporting it. Too many requests to change my calculations, and after accommodating many, the original numbers got all messed up. Picture number 7 is essentially what the original notes were all about.

I suggest that variety in the size can be had by using different sizes of yarn and needles.

Red hat = tiny one for heart charity
Mostly using smallest numbers on chart, 110 total rows on #5 needle. Picked up 55 sts. Did decreases with no plain rounds after 13 rounds of plain st st. Decreases: (k7, k2tog) X 6, then (k6, k2tog) X 6, etc. till 6 remain to draw tog.

A headband with Icord-ish top and bottom using this pattern

5-photo collage = me working out a headband with dblknit top to resemble Icord.

2 photos of grey headband portion with text: great depiction of what the band is all about from jessica-jean on Knitting Paradise. With her permission to post the photos.

Note from mdomingue on KP that should be investigated: “I noticed your size 16” has 35 rows for the front part and your size 18” only has 34… When I knitted the size 18” with your suggested numbers I had a hard time putting it on a 18” styrofoam ball…. Based on your pourcentages I came up with 40 rows (instead of 34)… The difference in the finished hats (16” vs 18”) seems more appropriate… And slid nicely on the styrofoam ball.“ - 1/28/18: I changed the chart

Another knitter’s (Helen Hawkins) approach to different sizes.

The Pokémon version is Montana Gramma’s on KP. Her notes: “I crocheted the eyes and cheeks, just magic ring with about 6 sc and one more row with about 8, made a little slant on the black on the horns, cannot really see against the chair.”

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February 19 2015
February 21 2015
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