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lace-edged hankies
February 8 2012
February 21 2012
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lace-edged hankies
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I got a Bee in my Bonnet and decided I needed some pretty hankies. I had a bit of muslin hanging around, so I cut it into eight 9.5” squares. I did a rolled hem on some of them following the Purl Bee tutorial:

And then I went to town on the edges with various colors of crochet cotton that I had hanging around. I made up most of the edges. I discovered that you don’t really need to hem a hankie if you’re going to crochet over the edge, so that saves a lot of time. The dark green one has blanket stitching over the hem, with a simple crocheted edge attached to the blanket stich, but I don’t really like the way it looks.

I also used this one (no photo yet):

And I think I’ll use one of these too:

Just found pdfclassicbooks.com and spent $2 on a book of 100 lace edgings, most crocheted but a few to knit:
Edgings: 100 Old and New Favorites

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February 8 2012
February 21 2012
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