November 1, 2012
November 20, 2012


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René by Anne Hanson
It's complicated. :)
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The Woolen Rabbit Grace
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The Woolen Rabbit

I’ve added photos, but I still am on the button search and the lighting was crappy. Just for proof, there it is.

It’s NaKniSweMo time!

I’m unable to edit my photos at the moment, but coincidentally when I was looking to upload the seaming photos the photos of the ocean (or Gulf of Mexico to be most specific) popped up because they have similar numbers and I was struck at how the yarn reminded me of the deep water and dolphins. So I added them.

I am not getting the gauge that is called for so I am knitting up a size because I like the fabric on the size 6 needle and don’t want to swatch on the 7. The sweaters I have knitted for myself most recently, well not all of them, but some, fit me perfectly, but are are not as roomy as I am hoping this sweater will be. Working with a different gauge and hoping that blocking out will get me what I am looking for.

11/1/12 Cast on (twice, as usual).
11/3/12 Left front done. 6,560 sts.
11/8/12 Right front done. 13,120 sts. so far.
11/10/12 First sleeve done. 10,036 sts. 23,156 sts so far.
11/14/12 (wee hours of the morning) Second sleeve done. 10,036 sts. 33,192 sts so far.
11/17/12 (wee hours again. I really need to start going to bed earlier) Back completed. Blocking in the morning. 16,447 sts.
11/17/12 Fronts previously blocked, sleeves and back are blocking now. Seaming and button bands tomorrow.
11/20/12 Button bands in, 2,710 sts. All knitting, seaming and weaving ends finished. Will steam seams and bands tomorrow. Now the search for buttons…..

Total Stitches so far: 49,639. I think the button band will put me over.

Total Stitches 52,349! An entire sweater in 20 days! And there were a few of those days that I didn’t even touch it.

Modifications Only the normal shortening of the body and sleeves, I adapted the sleeve cap slightly to fit my gauge and armhole drop.

The only other mod I’ve made is to shape the back neckline slightly by casting off center back sts in two sections (31 center on first row and then 4 sts on each side right after) while I was working shoulder shaping.

This sweater may squeeze into the 50,000 stitch requirement on its own, but it would definitely if I could include all the knitting that I have ripped out. I cast on for the back, knit about an inch and pulled it out to start with the fronts. (654 sts). I reknit one partial front shoulder (130 sts). Knitted a partial sleeve cap and decided to change it (1408 sts). Knit partial sleeve cap and realized the actual sleeve was too long (1882). Extra inches in too long sleeve (557 sts pulled out) and then I had to knit some of that back. Ugh. Mistakes in 2nd sleeve (965 sts reknit). Reknit partial first sleeve cap to make changes to match second sleeve cap (approx. 1,245 sts) Total sts not included in finished total, but reknit: 6,854!

This is my usual process and rate of progress. I can’t think of a time that something went along with no backward progress in my knitting life. I am fine with it.


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November 1, 2012
November 20, 2012
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