Peace Fleece Romy
November 1, 2012
November 30, 2012

Peace Fleece Romy

Project info
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
900 yards = 4.5 skeins
Peace Fleece Worsted
900 yards in stash
4.5 skeins = 900.0 yards (823.0 meters), 508 grams

I’m starting this project here. I cast on for this on 11/1/12, but the combination of this yarn, this needle and my hands may not work out. For now I have cast on for another sweater for NaKniSweMo. We’ll see how it goes.

11/1/12 Cast on, set aside for the moment.
11/12/12 Picked up again worked all of collar, back increases, shoulder increases, front increases and am half-way through sleeve increases.
11/23/12 Just added photos of body. Trying it on for length. I LOVE IT! The buttonhole placement has me worried a bit, I want to knit a few more rows, but I did the last buttonhole two rows ago and wonder if it will be too many. I could pull back those rows and work two more rows before the buttonhole and then four after…. Ugh. I could knit to another buttonhole, but I think that the sweater would be too long.
11/25/12 I ended up pulling it out and working 2 additional rows before the final buttonhole and then worked 3 rows + 2 set up rows for the Tubular 2x2 cast (or bind) off. The bind off almost kicked my ass. All of the instructions for a 2x2 tubular bind off assume two things: 1. That the right side rows begin with a k2 and 2. that you are working over a multiple of 4 sts. Neither of these is true with this pattern. The right side rows begin with a p2 and there is a multiple of 4+2 sts, giving you an extra 2 sts that need to be dealt with. After several tries with different methods I ended up using the ‘Another Technique for Tubular Cast Off, Double Rib’ in Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets by Barnes. This method uses two needles, separating the knits (to the front) from the purls (to the back) on two needles and then using a grafting method that is nearly identical to Kitchener Stitch. I had to adapt it for the purls and extra sts, and in the end it came out really well. On to the sleeves. Can I finish this by Friday? Two sweaters for NaKniSweMo?
11/28/12 First sleeve bound off using tubular bind off, most ends woven in, second sleeve going on needles now.
11/30/12 Blocking! Sweater #2 for NaKniSweMo! While I didn’t keep really close track of the stitch count I estimate this sweater go have approx. 26,806.

-Worked 20 rows between buttonholes because I have a compressed row gauge.

-Body increases leave the number of sts off for the rib, when I started the rib I decreased down a stitch at each ‘seam’ to get a multiple of 4+2, which was needed. Probably should have increased, but whatever.

-I really like the way the sleeve increases give the illusion of a set in sleeve seam. If gauge is off or if the increases don’t bring you to the needed depth of the sleeve drop then you are instructed to knit until you reach the length. That is okay, but you loose that illusion of a seam and I noticed that on other ravelers’ projects. I respaced my increases to extend that illusion by adding two rows between my last three or four increases. I am, so far, happy with that decision.

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November 1, 2012
November 30, 2012
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