May 12, 2012
May 30, 2012


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Skew by Lana Holden
Feet / LegsSocksMid-calf
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US 0 - 2.0 mm
385 yards = 0.88 skeins
Novita tico tico
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0.48 skeins = 210.2 yards (192.2 meters), 48 grams
Novita tico tico
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0.4 skeins = 175.2 yards (160.2 meters), 40 grams
April 7, 2012

This pattern looks interesting. Had to try it.

May 12th:Started left sock.
May 16th:I had to rip my first attemp to heel because I couldn’t get sock in my foot.
May 20th:I finished first sock and started second.
May 28th:I finished second sock.

My stripes are 10 rounds long.
In heel shaping I first repeated rounds 1-2 twice and then knitted rounds 3-4. I continue that until I had 15 sts remain between heel marker and end of round. Heel joining round I had 38 sts after new COR for back leg. Decerase minigusset rounds I started with rounds 3-4 and then repeated rounds 1-4 until I had 38 sts before COR. Then I knitted couple of stripes so that every other round I decreased at the beginning and end of the round and increased 2 sts in the middle like in mid toe part. So I get longer leg.

At the end these socks are too small for me. They took 40 g white yarn and 48 g violet yarn.

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May 12, 2012
May 30, 2012
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